New puppy, what to do now?


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Hi, everyone... I'm new to the forum.:doglaugh: I'll be taking a puppy to the house on Tuesday. It's a 6 weeks old Doberman/German shepherd/rottweiller mix.
So what is the 1st thing I have to do? Make a really good bond with the puppy and potty train him. And when is the best time to start train him other things? Like behaving and all that stuff? it's my 1st puppy and I don't have much knowledge about training puppy yet. any of u guys have any hints? I'll post pic of my pup sumtimes later. Thanks. :D


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Hi & welcome , if I were you I would just be concentrating on house training , general behaviour & bonding to start with ,you could do things like sit , stay ,come after a week or two , my baby is 2 1/2 yrs old now it's a bit hard to remember that far back :dogrolleyes::msnwink:
Hello! I'm very happy to see you've decided to bring a puppy into your life. I recently got one too a month ago. First things first, get all the necessary supplies. Food, toys, bed, and water and food dish. Next, get to know the puppy. When you see signs of sniffing, circling, ect, take him outside immmediately. He needs to know where his potty place is. Also, make sure you get him a leash and collar. (And remember to take him to the vet!) Last but not least, Have Fun!!



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What a delightful mix of some of my fav breeds. Congrats!!! Have you had a puppy before? I suggest you get a crate to help with potty training and if you aren't aware how to use crates a book on how to use them correctly. Potty training is the fastest safest way to potty train and house train your puppy. Find out what they are feeding him and see if you can bring some or buy some to mix with his new food if you are changing so there will be a gradual change and not upset his puppy tummy.

Go through the class room here with your puppy. Start early if you want it's pretty neat. With this dog being a BIG dog it's important to start training from day one. It's never too early. I suggest several puppy books, I like Patricia McConnell's Puppy Primer, Hett & Estep Raising a Behaviorally Healthy Puppy,

Trish King How to parent your puppy

A compounded list from my own library and friends' reading suggestions.


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the first thing id sugesst you train him or her is their name, spend awhile seeing what its like then start calling him just by his name he'll start to reckonize it and your away laughing

but i agree with kristinedogtrainer about the toilet training too enjoy these puppy days they dont last long


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The first thing I would train with your new puppy is eye contact. Whenever your pup looks at you, click and treat. the more you reward attention the easier it is to train everything else. You can the start putting a cue for it like watch me, or just his name, but I reward it sometimes whether I cue it or not!

I also don't think you need to wait to train the basic obedience commands. As long as you train it positively, training promotes a bond between you and your puppy and communication. so hand signals for sits, downs, come can be taught right away as well as anything in the world you want to start teaching! I have a 12 wk old toller puppy who already is great a whole bunch of stuff because I make training fun for him!