Never had a puppy before!


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I've not posted for a long time. The short story is that we rescued Duke a GSD about 18 months ago. He was 10 months at the time. Great with people, picky with other dogs! Disaster at trainning lessons in class, as he would snap at the other dogs. Then my son's lucher became good friends with him and as my son is in the RAF and posted abroad, my sons dog came to live with us. Unfortunately, he was only with us a very short time as he had leukemia. Duke, as well as us, was devasted when he went to the rainbow bridge and his aggession to other dogs was worse than ever. He bit a dog when we tried to introduce him with the purpose of adopting another mate for him. This was hightened when we were out walking in the woods, and our boy was on his lead but another lurcher type dog charged at him with no manners to play and Duke bit again.
However, we have not let up on training him in the way taught by a personal trainner. My other son has an 'aquaintence' who did not even realise that their dog was expecting. One morning their lab had delivered 6 little puppies. But although the puppies are well fed, happy, they have been separated far too early from their mum in order to, in their own words, 'get rid of them'. Understandable in some ways as they also have another dog and a flat no bigger than my front room. It must have been chaos with 8 dogs in a confined space.
My son came home with one in case it went to someone who could not care for a puppy and we are now new parents of a tiny 5-6 week old puppy. (A couple of other puppies have been found good homes). Now there is serious talk of having to report them to the RSPCA as mum and the other dog are caged up all day, covered in their own excrement, stinking and not at all happy.
I've never had a puppy before and have found myself on the steepest of learning curves. Duke absolutely loves his little sister. But I had to vent as I'm so angry that people can do this. Such a small little scrap should still be with her brothers and sister and mum. Luckily two of the litter have found homes close by so can have puppy dates each day to continue their play between them. Nights are hard as she cries so hard and gets really distressed even though we let her in the garden to relieve herself and make sure she has had puppy milk and food and fresh water to hand. I thought babies were hard work. But we will get there.
Sorry for the long post, feel better now that is off my chest.