My White Puppy To Be Known As Special Breed There?please Help Me


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Where did you get the puppies? Did they have any idea what breed the mother was? That would help a bit. Also, what breeds are common in the area where you live? There are so many small breeds with that coloring, but you can't always pick them out of a mix unless you have some clues. They could be some kind of terrier mixed with poodle or Shih-tzu; Maltese is a possibility.


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the first white one looks like a Lhapso Apso while the second one looks like a Bichon Frise cross.
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For both puppies are the same type because the white puppy is the son of the brown white puppy and I feel so happy to have them together with me living together with each other to be honest with you right now there.Thank you


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I got them back at the garden in front of my house for complimentary when nobody was around there.I was looking the left and the right position and realised they did not belong to anyone so their belong to me as new owner but until now they are known to be street puppies and you must be right about their mixed breed there.Thank you


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For both puppies are the same type because the white puppy is the son of the brown white puppy

Maybe the older dog is a Bichon Frise cross and it was crossed with a Lhasa Apso. That way the younger one could be part Lhasa Apso and the older one could be mostly Bichon Frise. Because you don't know what breed the other parent is the even closely related dogs might be quite different.

But you are right it doesn't really matter what breed they are as long as they are yours :). My dog is a "bitza", that is a joke name that we use in England when a dog is made up of bits of (bitza) this breed and bits of (bitza) that breed. I wouldn't swap him for any other dog anywhere. It is fun to try to work out what breeds might be in him though.