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Name: Sara Location: Alberta​

Dogs: Zoe-10yo Lhasa Apso x Bichon (adopted when she was 1.5 years old), Scout-9yo deaf Terrier Mix (adopted when she was 4yo), Oliver-4yo Terrier mix (adopted when he was 6 mo), Mouse-4yo deaf & vi Mini Dachshund (adopted when she was 5mo), Boo-8yo deaf & vi Mini Dachshund (I've had him since the beginning of Dec, 2010)​

Activities: Working with dogs, learning more about dogs and training, and reading.​

Dog Tricks: Do I really have to do this??? :doglaugh: OK​

Zoe: Sit, wait, jump up, wave, high five, shy, dance​

Scout: (signs she knows) Sit, down, stand, stay, wait, come (Scout has a PERFECT RECALL), drop on recall, heel, get in, high-five (left, right, both), shake (left, right), wave (left, right, both), spin, dance, jump spin, roll over, crawl, play dead, bow, shy, get on/off, go away, outside, go eat, back up (in front, beside, and around me), walk on hind legs, jump up and down on hind legs, kisses, good dog, leave-it, get in (crate, car), sit pretty, target (hand), over, on your bed, say hi, watch me, and I'm probably forgetting some...​

Oliver: (This one's even harder) Sit, down, stay, wait, stand, touch (with paw), target (with nose), get in, get right, heel left, heel right, dont pull (loose lead walking) leave-it, look at that, want it (clicks his teeth together), say momma, are you viscious (goes into a very noisy down lol), back up (standing), crawl (backwards and forward), back around (me), backwards figure 8, paws up (on a target block), turn left, turn, right, jump up (in my arms), over, roll over, get it (ball, toy), bring it (retreive), right here (tosses ball/toy in my hand), touch Mouse (he runs to Mouse and paws at her), high five (right, left, both), wave (right, left), paw (lifts a front foot when I lift a foot, or if I point to a foot), on your bed, on the couch, on the chair, go pee, hurry up (go poop), kisses, who's my smoochie boy (kisses with head on my shoulder), I am constantly remembering stuff I forgot I taught him, so I'm sure there'll be more!​

Mouse: (signs she knows) Sit, down, roll over, high five (right, left), back-up, crawl, wave (left, right) paws up (on a book, or a box), spin (clockwise only... she cant seem to go the other way), hand's up (like she was being held at gunpoint! LOL), wait, go eat, leave it, and NO!!!!!!! (the only dog that's been taught no! LOL)​

Boo: (signs he knows) Sit, down, hand target (with nose), go eat, shy, paws up on a book, and SUSH!!!​
How they found me: I adopted Zoe from a "shelter", which is now suspected of being a front for a puppy mill, Zoe is the most fearful dog I've ever met, she was a shut down case, and has taken this long to be some semblance of "normal." She was a really sad case (I used to go to bed crying every night, after I adopted her).​

Scout was rescued from a shelter hours before being euthanised by the rescue that I volunteer with. I was intrigued by the thought of a deaf dog, so my Mom and I decided to adopt her, best decision I ever made!​

Oliver came from Texas. He was posted on a Deaf Dog e-mail group I belong to. His rescuer thought he was deaf, and as I've worked with dog aggression, and fear aggression before, I half-jokingly offered to take him. He was flown up to me by his kindhearted rescuer, and though it turned out to be an allergy to fleas that caused his deafness, I couldn't love him any less!​

Mouse came from Spokane, WA. A friend and rescuer of Great Danes found a listing for her on Craigslist, and e-mailed me right away. I said something to the effect of :heck yeah!" and 6 weeks later I made the trip to pick up the little monster. She was being kept OUTSIDE with a nice bed of straw to sleep on!!! Mouse is totally deaf and mostly blind in one eye, as well as being extremely light sensitive.​

Boo came from Seattle, WA. I found him on Petfinder, and just had to have him! He is functionally deaf (though I think he detects some sounds) and very nearsighted, with extremely bad manners, and a bad case of resource guarding (though the manners have vastly improved, and his resource guarding is almost nil now.)​

Areas of Expertise: I am very knowledgable with deaf dogs (causes, training), as well as shy/reactive dogs, though I would not call myself an expert, as I still have lots to learn. I'm good with clickertraining, though I still have lots to learn there too. I've adapted clicker training to my deaf dogs, and am pretty good with that, as well.​

Breed of Choice: Terriers, most especially the Irish Terrier. I adore their (all terrier's) personalities, drive, versitility and tenacity. One day I'd really like to get an Irish Terrier from a breeder, but have a really hard time justifying taking up a space a rescue dog would need. Besides, Oliver is very likly crossed with an IT, so I guess I have one! LOL​


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Wow you have quite an interesting story behind all your dogs! They are all so lucky to have you! I saw Tx's post first and I was trying to figure out what the trick "Touch Mouse" meant... computer mouse...toy...LOL!


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Thanks all! yes, "Touch Mouse" is a favorite trick of my Mom and sister's, everytime I go over there, my Mom is asking Ollie to touch Mouse! LOL.

I taught it in hopes that I could use Oliver to get Mouse's attention if she was off doing something.... however, I have yet to be able to teach Mouse that when Ollie wacks her, that she's supposed to look at me.... oh well, it's cute!