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There are pictures of me at 4 yrs old sitting on one of my grandfather's pointers who is laying down in the grass. It's one of my favorite images. I've loved dogs forever; have never been afraid of them; and have always wanted to have them.

Right now, my male 3-and-a-half-yr-old Westie, Titan, is the center of my heart. He earned his CGC (Canine Good Companion) about a yr and a half ago, whereupon I started training some tricks. He has the basics--shake hands, high five, balance a treat, wave. We stopped training for a while, but we've started again now, and thank goodness for Dog Trick Academy.

I'll also start training him in Tracking, and I've joined an AKC Earthdog club. With luck, he'll pass his Intro to Quarry, which will indicate whether or not he's interested. What Westie wouldn't love dashing through tunnels underground after quarry. I think Tracking is where he'll shine, though. I was referred to a book, Enthusiastic Tracking, by someone who followed all the steps, and his dog was able to earn his TD. Wouldn't that be fun.:dogtongue2:

I'm a pretty bad blogger, but I'll do my best to remember to login often.


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:welcome: Glad you found this place, i really love it too! Your dog is a lucky dog to have such a great life with you!!