How To Train My Dog To Hug My Leg


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I can't wait to get started on teaching this trick!!!
Now. does everyone think i should start with the stick, or similar item,
and then, add in cue word,
and then, transfer that cue to my leg? Is that right?

Any ideas on cute cue for this? I was thinking of stuff like,
"Buddy, are you scared?" or afraid, etc.
"Buddy, am i your favorite?"
or what would be funny, that a dog would hug the human's leg when asked some words?

"Buddy, you want to go to dog pound?" dog hugs leg.

i just use last word as the cue, like "scared" or "favorite" so Buddy waits til he hears last word to do the trick.


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I'm starting with a stick, I find that its easier for him to interacted with it. I like the "Buddy, you want to go to the dog pound?" cue. I might use pound as the cue either that or I was thinking of using afraid as the cue.