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Our family has two dogs. Alley is a senior Golden girl that we adopted from a pound a year and a half ago. Molly is a black girl Lab approximately 1 1/2 years old that we adopted from a humane society last April. Molly belongs to my teenage daughter who was battling depression at the time (much better now). I knew that a dog could be a big help to her and she is. My daughter chose her because of her incredible energy level and obvious intelligence. They have completed level 1 obedience classes at an obedience training club and will be taking another set after football season (she plays drums in the marching band) is over. Molly has an incredible amount of energy and has at least twice my IQ. I'm looking for some good ideas on trick training to do with her myself to fight boredom. I have found many dogs in my lifetime and Molly and Alley are hands down the best dogs who we have ever been around. They really make our family complete.


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Welcome! and what a beautiful story! I truly believe that every dog comes into our lives for a reason. I have 5 rescues, and they have all come to me, and taught me soooo much.

Have fun training!