Helpful Sites for Service Dogs


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One of the best sites to learn about Service Dogs, Legislation pertaining to SDs and Tasks for each type of service animal ( Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, General Service Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dogs ) There are other sites that pertain to Therapy Dogs as well ( Therapy Dogs are an entirely different category and are not generally recognized for Universal Access )

Well, that should be lots of starter information .... There are also many sites where one can purchase Service Dog Items ( Identification Patches, vests, etc. ). If someone is looking for specific supplies for service dogs you're welcome to PM us ... or we'll provide Jean with those links and she can post them according to her criterion for the store. The links we've provided here are for non-profit organizations ... they don't necessarily provide actual training services or equipment/supplies. We do have links for Equip/Supply sites all across North America and the UK as well.

Ideally, we'll have a lot of the information available at those sites here ... but for now and for the ease of people wanting access to information now ... those sites will get one started.

Take care all ... Looking forward to hearing from you and future discussions regarding service dogs and all that applies to them.




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Thank you hivin for the sites. I have saved them in my Explorer browser and look at them with accuracy. Thank you again for sharing.


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Oh, we're glad you like the sites ... hmmm the "Dogs With Jobs" site is up and running ... we'll see if we can locate and alternative link, or perhaps a backdoor in. If anyone receives the National Geographic Channel or Discovery's Animal Planet ... DWJ is a weekly 30 min tv series ... it's very interesting and highlights all sorts of "jobs" that dogs are enlisted in ... from Guide Dogs to Military Dogs .. we enjoy it ( so does Bailey ... think she's plotting for a career change on us!)

Take care all, now that we've got the new computer up and running we'll be around regularly if anyone has any questions or would like more resources regarding Service Dogs, Special Needs Dogs, Hearing Dogs, etc ... if we don't have the answers we know where to find them.

Take care all: Hivin



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Therapy Dog Links That is to our local chapter of the St. John's Ambulance Society That is the link for the National St. John's Ambulance Society page on their Therapy Dog Program. That link will take you to a listing of the skills and tasks related to the Canine Good Citizenship Certification according to the AKC standards.

We'll add more later, take care all: Hivin