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I have a 10 month old Border Terrier and now she has mastered the basics (just about) I'm keen for her to learn some new tricks. I'm sure this website will help!


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Hi Morar ,welcome to you & your dog , I have a Cairn terrier named Ralph , I am currently trying to teach him fetch , he normally picks up things really easily but this one is going to be a long haul --- but fun , glad to have you on board :dognowink::dognowink:


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I met and actually made my first terrier friend. A cutie border terrier named James that my Golden 14mo flirts with shamelessly and rolls over and just rolls and cuddles. James must the the equivalent to James Bond. He's a tuffie weighing in at 10 lbs i guess that rolls my 55 lb girl over like a noodle and the's no doubt who's top dog. It's amazing to see her roll half over and self handicap and put a paw on his nose and he nuzzles her nose.

I'd love one but I don't think my training style and lifestyle would be perfect now. Some day. Congrats on the new pup. Take some pix and share. :dogbiggrin: