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Hi There,

I am so glad that I found your site. The more help I can get the better.

I currently have my dog in level 1 obedience training. The last class is next week, I can't believe how fast 6 weeks has gone by. For the most part my dog Moka (Lab/Terrier) will do what she has been trained, at home that is. As soon as we get into the class, she is so distracted by the other dogs and people, she doesn't want to do anything.:dogunsure: I get so frustrated in class and I know that she can sense that.:dogblush: Moka is now 1year and 4 months. She is a very lovable dog :dogsmile:. My main goal was to have her not to jump up on people and not to pull on the leash. It is coming along very slowly. For next week's class we have to show how our dogs know the lessons as well as we have to teach them a trick, using basic obedience. In the long run, i would love to have Moka in agility training, i know that she would love it.

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Hi nancy!

:welcome: to the website, and welcome to the dog training world! :msngrin:

Your class environment is very different from your house, there are dozens of new smells, new things to see, sounds she never hears and of course all sorts of other people and dogs to distract her.

The best way to get your dog to listen to you in your class is to train more often around those same kinds of distractions. A park is ideal (no not a leash free park!), any training in a new or distracting environment will help you. What you want is to desentisize your dog to the distractions, so that she learns to ignore the distractions.


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From day one, I have used our local park for training each day. In fact, it's more the norm than training in the house. As a result, she breezes through class training. It really does work!

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Just a quick tip ..... Stay out of Baseball fields .... Sand is a magnet for fleas and ticks!