Half Dried


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Found out that my dog just loves half dried meat for training.
Tried some chicken hearts last weeks and she lissenend perfect..
This week i have half dried sardines, while she doen't like fish much this she's keen on.

I'm very happy i can dry my own dried snacks for her!!


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How do you dry the meat? In the oven or do you have a drying machine?
I have been looking for one of those dryers and have been wondering if I should get one. Drying in the oven takes forever!


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I have a drying machine.
Got 4 machines, off 2 different branches. There small enough to have in a house/shed.
(Nowadays i dry the meat in the shed)
Each one off them takes the same place as a frying pan in the closet i think.
Botheid officieel thema have different (dis)advanstages, if you want some more information, just let me know.

Though i'm also looking for a small oven, to make some special dog treats. ^^


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It depends on what kind of meat, how big the places are, and from what animal it comes from on the drying time.
Though a drying machine is cheaper than the oven i believe.


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Must try drying some fish, Ra Kismet loves fish but I don't like having it in the trick bag, it's too smelly. Dried would be grand!