Guess who's in Dog Fancy magazine!!


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None other than Emily Larlem--more commonly known as "Kikopup" to YouTube fanatics--and her newest pup, Tug. Check out page 14, the article "Happy Feet" by Cherie Langlow, about doggie freestyle. Although her name isn't mentioned(shame on them!), she and Tug are pictured at the top of the page. As soon as I opened it up to that page I thought, "Hey that looks like Tug!" then saw the second picture and said(out loud, felt kinda funny, lol!), "That's Kikopup!"

Yes, laugh all you want, I watch enough of her videos to know her dogs and recognize them well as, of course, recognizing her. Anyway...just thought I'd share this with all you other YouTube/Kikopup fans. :doghappy: