Frisbee (video)


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Another video, this time not me, it's one of my friends, who asked me to upload her video.

Let me present you Éva, with her Border collie Bubu. :)


Enjoy! :)

P.S.: I hope you like the Hungarian music! ;)


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Love the dog work and the music. Your friend did a very nice job. I always admire frisbee work. It's always fun to meet new furry faces and see them having fun. Thanks. :doglaugh:


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teaching Pami to walk on your feet


I'm working on the girls walking forwad and back between my legs and circling me. I was talking with a friend Jackienmutts over on dogwise and we're both having fun teaching many of the things you did on your Christmas video. We're doing great on the staying with me between my legs but how did you get Pami to put her feet on yours and walk with her?

It's SOOOO cute. Her GSD is already doing it a little but I have no idea with my girls other than a paw and target stick. I figured you'd have some well thought hints. :dogcool: Lot's of people really enjoyed that video.



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Snooks, check the challenges, the "cop cop" move was one of our earliest. :) It's an idea that sparked from Silvia Trkman, I believe.

Beautiful BC. Gosh, I wish I could take in another. I'm aching for a BC pup. :dogblush:


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@Snooks: I'm glad you like my xmas video! :)
Well as tx_cowgirl said, take a look at the challenge, it does help a lot.
How I did it? I just lifted her legs, and put on my feet at first. Then when I clicked enough for this position, I started slipping my legs under her paws. When we could take this position easily, I started moving my feet, walking with really small steps. At first, you don't even have to do a step, just move your leg, and he stays in the "cop-cop position" click and reward.
Then start doing bigger steps very gradually, and then you have it. :)
Hope I helped. :)


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Thanks very much...we found it. I need to post my cross paws vid and ask for help. Both girls are just sort of doing it and are not even hearing the verbal cue even though I give it first, wait a beat then try pointing to the spot. I am trying waiting them out without doing a hand movement too. Oy. I saw the other vid entries and was impressed. I think my problem is I do too much and don't let them experiement unprompted enough. That is my work toward goal.

What is cop cop anyway? :dogtongue2:


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I ictually don't know where it came from, it just got this name :D
Maybe it was because of Xsara's video, it had that name. :)


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What a great video! I would love for Bodi to learn to play frisbee but so far he just ducks. Besides I have so many things that he NEEDS to learn that I'm sure that's where I should be putting my energy right now. It sure looks like fun though -- as long as the cartwheels aren't required :D


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Bubu's brilliant at catching but I also very impressed with Eva's throwing and gymnastics - couldn't do a cartwheel if I tried!