Fired Up, Frantic And Freaked Out


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Has anyone read this book. I've been thinking of getting for Missy's reactivity toward dogs. I believe Missy's reactivity is from lack of socialization when she was young. What's your opinion on the book? Is a person able to apply the training techniques without a helper? I have the book "Click to Calm" , does Fired up have different training techniques or are they pretty much the same?


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I borrowed that one from the library about a year ago. It was one of the first books I read about reactive dogs. I don't remember anything specific about the methods, though, but it did give me a lot of information. I know what you mean about needing a helper. Most of what I've read that would help me with Brody's reactivity to dogs and people requires someone with a very calm dog to stand at gradually decreasing distances so that I can counter condition him to the other dog.


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I would really recommend BAT over Fired Up. Fired Up places a lot of emphasis on Go to Mat and relaxing on the mat as it's go to thing. Click to Calm definitely had more to offer than Fired Up but BAT give a lot more than just tossing a mat down everywhere for the dog to cope with.

I would also suggest "Changing People Changing Dogs" by Dee Ganley. I used to work with Dee when I lived up north working with nothing but fearful and aggressive dog and just about everything she teaches is in that book.


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I have the book Fired Up, but haven't read it yet! Got a huge stack which keeps growing that I haven't read :p

I like BAT because the dog gains distance which they want in order to be able to be happy around the trigger....Something tells me that although the dog is on a mat in FUFF it isn't necessarily calm or under-threshold because he is still around everything that is winding him up.
But I won't judge it until I have read it.

I am very much a fan of Understanding The Silent Communication of Dogs, one of the best books ever in my opinion :D


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Thank so much Charmedwolf and ellieh for the suggestions. I will look at the books you guys suggested and will not be getting the Fired up, it doesn't sound like a very helpful book.