Engaged/full Attention


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I'm curious about something. You know when dogs have their full attention on their owner, like in heelwork, musical freestyle, and some other disciplines... how they are always staring at their owner's face. Kinda like this video:
Is it just a really engaged dog, or a very good watch me command? Or something else?
Thanks for the answer!


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I think it depends on the dog. When Chloe heels, she watches me, but it's not necessarily because she's super engaged, it's because she knows she is supposed to watch me when we heel. That's how many dogs are. But I've also seen dogs who watch their handlers when they heel without having to be trained or told to, they watch their handlers because they are so engaged. Although with those dogs who are watching their owners with such amazing intensity, as shown in the video, I think it has to be a combination of both. Even the dog who has the most amazing "watch me" won't be able to focus on you that much unless they are engaged.