Dog Insurance?

Do you have dog health insurance?

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Do you have dog health insurance?
About how much do you pay, and from which company?

What is your deductible? (amount you have to pay before insurance pays the balance)

Is one company better than another, does anyone know?
Any companies i should avoid?

I was thinking of getting some dog insurance, but, don't know where to start, which company is good, etc.
Our last dog, wow, we had no insurance, and ended up spending $1,000s on him when he developed multiple health problems and needed a few surgeries :cry: as well...

but, i generally tend to be skeptical about insurance companies,:cautious:
and i'd probably end up with one that won't cover whatever our dog might need, for whatever 'reason' they come up....:rolleyes:


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I pay £14.71 a month for Bellas insurance, its a life one as far as I know as long as I keep paying it. Its a platinum scheme with homebase I think. the limits something like £7,000 per year i think maybe. £100 excess. covered for 3rd part liability, death, advertising and reward, theft or straying, boarding fees (not sure what for) holiday cancilisation, accidental damage, quarentine costs, and emergency expenses cover abroad.
Not had to use it yet so not sure how good it is in paying. Had her covered from when she was like 6 months old maybe
Not a lot of companies do a lifeish one they tend to be 12 months, Zara is on the same insurance.
Jenny hasnt ever been insured and we have been lucky with her. Shes only ever hurt her ankle thankfully not breaking it. and at nearly 12 shes too old to insure


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I have health insurance for my dogs too.
I pay about 21 euro per dog. In addition to that I have to pay 19 % of the vets bill. And half of the costs when I have spayer/neutered.
I did this because we had huge vets bills in the last 5 years of Shane's life. Since he had diabetes and all the little alements old dogs develop. He was on insuline and a special diet which alone cost me well over 100 euro a month. And I had to see the vet almost on a weekly basis, because of his little things. Like running into a branche, so he hurt his eye(he was blind, so he couldn't see where he was going), a insectbite that became inflamed, an inflammation of a toe etc. We didn't have insurance back then.

I was glad to have the insurance when we got Cooper. We spend almost a 1000 euro in his first year, because of his severe growing pains. So trips to a specialist, x-ray's, medication...

And had need of it for Jinx just last year, when she got bitten by a snake. Having a serum rushed over costs a lot of money!

The only thing is, over here, it costs a lot more, monthly, when you insure an older dog. When take out the insurance on a pup, it is about 20-25 euro's. But for an older dog I thinl you pay about 30 euro, if there is no known illness.(like HD or something like that.)

But I am very happy I have the insurance. 19% of the bill is better than paying the full bill;)


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See, she came with health insurance. And when she swallowed my cat's toy ($350O_o) we thought her health insurance would cover it. It didn't. We had to pay. Maybe if we found a better health insurance....


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// boarding fees (not sure what for)

This is in case you need to go into hospital and have to put your dog into kennels for a few days.

If we get our pup, it will come with 4 weeks free Kennel Club puppy insurance and after that we'll have to look around for a different company as the KC one supposedly is very expensive.
With insurance policies you need to definitely look at what you get for the price. Lots of companies do "per condition" policies which are useless if you end up with a long term condition or something very serious happens. Lifetime ones are better but tend to cost more. Hope you find what you are looking for :)