dog eats crap


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my dog eats poop. and by that I mean, my other dog's poop, bunny poop, deer poop. And then there are trees, shrubs, flowers that I just planted .... digs holes (not a lot but very deep!!) any clues? I have tried meat tenderizer on both food, pineapple for both....hell, I really don't care, it seems to make him happy....:dogtongue:


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Ah, the poop eating. My grown dog, who was unbelievabley malnourished when we got him, did that too.
I learned how to teach him what "leave it" means, and said that if he tried to eat poop.

If you don't know how to teach "leave it" let us know, we can either direct you to that thread, or, if there isn't one, we can explain it. It is NOT difficult to teach a dog that "leave it" means leave it alone. It is useful trick, that you can use for lots and lots of things, all week long, over and over, is something all dogs should know..

I also made sure Buddy was getting nutritious dog food, (i chose "Chicken soup for the dog lover's soul" which was best food i could afford, only $1 a pound!!).

Until Buddy learned to NOT eat poop (he did learn) he req'd constant supervision, and we had to clean up all poop out of our yard.

My dog did indeed learn poop was not to be eaten. This is not impossible, and the sooner you start, the better.
You DO want to invest a lot of time and energy teaching your puppy this before he develops lifelong habit of eating poop.

It sounds kind of hard, but, it is worth it. :msnohyes: Better to nip this in the bud, than let it become permanent disgusting habit. He won't outgrow this, you have to train it out of him.

Re: the digging. Often means the dog is BORED.:dogwacko: The dog needs something to DO. Teaching tricks is a great way to help a dog be less bored.

Give him chew toys to play with, give him plenty of walks, retrieve sessions, etc, through out day. Wear him out!! GEt him to run around, play, learn stuff. Sometimes digging is just a way for dogs to burn off energy, that they do not know what to do with that energy..

If you can CATCH him digging, a sharp "AH-AH!!" or "NO DIG" or something, and moving dog away from that area may help. Then give the dog something else to do.

Trying to correct a dog who is done digging, when you find the new hole an hour later, is not helpful to the dog.:dognowink:


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i agree with tigerlilly, also another reason for them to eat poop, is there missing something in there diet also it can cause worms in your dog, we have a teacup chihuahua and he eats poop if he can, our vet has advised us to worm him once a month if hes getting at alot of poop (sometimes you cant clean up the horsepoo straight away and he gets to it first), so talk to your vet and find out if he has got worms, lance had about three different strands at one stage, once we got him treated he did seem to not want to eat the poop aswell just a suggestion