Cutting black nails


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My dog Dixie has black nails and i would like to cut them myself like i do with my other dog who's nails are tan, how can i see the quick when i cut or how do i cut them with out risking cutting her quick??? Any help would be great!:dogsmile:


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you just kinda have to guess where the quick is. My suggestion would be to cut a tiny amount off each nail every day. When she gets to the point where she squeels (because you hit the nerve rich part of the nail right before the quick) or you actually cut the quick and she bleeds is the only way to know where the quick is. remember, the shorter you keep her nails the shorter the quicks will be. MY dogs get their nails trimmed (even if it's just to shave off a sliver of each nail) every week, Qwill has all black nails, Trophy has all black nails, and shiner has one black nail on each foot. :)

I also use cat nail trimmers on my dogs nails, since they're smaller i can get just a tiny tiny sliver of nail off since they're already pretty short.


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For black nails or if your just not sure on lighter colored nails take a small flashlight and put it under the nail your going to clip. You will be able to see quick before you cut. I never cut the nail to short this way. Also if you do clip the nail to short it is very painful for your dog, remember they have to walk on there nails with every step a dog be very careful not to ever cut them to short. If you do cut them to short and make your dog bleed use Kwik-stop (you can purchase this at most pet store) or in a pinch you can use baking soda or corn starch to stop the bleeding. I hope this help and Happy Trimming!


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Don't cut much at all. :) Cut two small bits instead of one big bit. ALL my dogs have black nails!

Apparently, when you look on the underside, their quick shouldn't extend beyond the little V... I've never trusted that logic, though, and just take little bits off. ;)


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Actually,here are nail cutters especially for dogs.If you insist to cut your dogs nails,try to cut a small piece only.If you are afraid that you cut your dog's quick,I recommend that you hand it to a professional.Just a piece of advice.