Clicker Training Zoey, Black Lab/golden Mix

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I recently began clicker training my girlfriend's Black Lab/Golden Retriever; 3 years old... and no formal training.

But with 2 hour long sessions per day, coupled with swimming, climbing, digging and other confidence building exercises, Zoey is showing exponential growth in her 'trick vocabulary'. After a month of training she is beautifully responsive to basic commands such as "Sit", "Down", "Stay" "Bang!", "Roll Over", "And Over".

She can identify agility equipment along with verbs she needs to listen for while running a course; "Over" (for jumps), "Tunnel", "Jump Up", and "Heel", although this needs a little work. It is difficult, personally, to control a heel while moving quickly.

There is a crazy eagerness she shows to run alongside my bicycle with her lead in her mouth, deliberately (and effectively!) pulling me beside her. As long as I keep her off of asphalt, I'd like to try Bikejoring, or however the - it's spelled.

As a real nice benefit, she is now THE perfect weight according to the veterinary Body Mass Index! Yay. Nothing worse than a fat Lab...always covered in lipomas and eye-boogers.

In short, I'm looking for tips and tricks YOU use regarding clicking, heeling, bikejoring, as well as any Retriever - relevant water games not involving a dock.



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Wow, THREE deaf puppies?

We knew our ferret was deaf the second day we had her, and started training with a tiny flashlight- as soon as she did what we asked her to (via hand signals), she got a quick flash of light and a treat.

But it seems like you have Scout and the others on a perfect scheme!



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Oh my goodness she's adorable!!! I love Ferrets! And its very cool that you, not only clickertrained you ferret, you figured out how to train a deaf one! AWESOME!!! I use a light as a clicker for Mouse and Boo, who dont see that well either, but a thunbs up for Scout who sees almost too well, and is OCD with lights.

As you can tell, I love deaf dogs!


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It sounds like you've got a pretty good handle on the clicker training already and Zoey sounds really smart. I'm just about useless with a clicker myself - something about juggling it, treats, and trying to give hand signals and I just can't function. I've resorted to just mimicking the click with my tongue :ROFLMAO: