capture random behavior


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When you play with your dog or cuddle/snuggle they do such cute random things. This is a great chance capture behavior; have a clicker on a finger band or wrist strap with canned cheese nearby. Can cheese is inaccessible/unattractive to the dog and doesn't spoil so it's easy. Think of those cute paws to your hand (click/cheese) that could be the beginning of a shake or targeting. A roll on side, that belly up for a scratch. Sometimes the time you're just watching can be a great chance. This is how I taught a dramatic dead/bang. I was petting my dog in the car waiting for my hubby and she just sighed and flopped over whap on the bed. Since I had a clicker there I click/treated. Accidents are sometimes very fun.


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my sister in law trained my sister's chihuahua to play dead by this very method! He is the type of dog that would fall over to be pet (sometimes out of fear though) and she very quickly turned a random behavior into a learned behaviour.