Brittany Spaniel


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Awwww!!!!:love::love: Murphy is so CUTE!!!!:love: (think I've said that before, lol:D) I LOVE the brittany !!! They're AWESOME dogs!!!! :)


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I love 'em! I never had one, but my dog has some brittany in him (body structure, hair type, colour, etc). He has a totally different face though, haha.

The only problem I know of with this breed is that they tend to be very wary of strangers. They need a very good socialization!
I have to agree murphy is cute ;) We have been told by many people that Jasper is a brittany but saying that he's not wary of people he loves everybody he can be timid and run away if he knows he's done something that he shoudn't have . He's quite a character full of fun !!!:LOL:
What do you think !



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Never owned one but they sure are a beautiful breed of dog. Murphy is just too cute:)

And Lynda Jasper is a real cutie too:)