Beefmuffins And Minced Beef Treats


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Last week I was looking through my dog cookbook. Yes, a cookbook filled with recipes for dogtreats. Actually recipes for entire cakes are in here!
And I decided to make some beef muffins.
I'll put the recipe down here, forgive me if the measurments are different from where you live.
200 grams minced beef
250 grams flour(I use regular flour, because my dogs can handle it, but you could use cornflower instead)
1 egg
1,5 theaspoon baking powder
4 tablespoons of corn oil (I didn't have that so I used sunflower oil)
250 ml cold water.

Stirr the minced beef in a bowl, with the egg and the oil

Add the flour and the baking powder and half of the water. Mix it with a whisk.

Pour in the rest of the water, untill the batter is thick.

Devide the batter into the muffincups.

Bake in a prheated oven at 180 degrees celsius for about 25 minutes, until lightbrown and cooked.

I use a wooden toothpick to check if the muffins are ready. Stick it into a muffin, if it comes out clean, they are ready.

Of course my dogs are willing to help out in the kitchen:D
Licking the whisk clean

Cleaning the bowl

The result:


They very much approved this recipe:D
Of course I don't use these for training, but when we have coffee and a cookie, the dogs get these.

As for the minced beef treats:
Very very easy
500 grams of minced beef
2 tablespoons of garlicpowder
1 egg

Mix everything together with your hands and make little balls.

They loooovvveee this, why cook it, mum???

Spread the balls on some backing paper or a flat tin and bake for half an hour at 160 degrees celcius.
The idea is to get tiny little balls that are not too crunchy, but a little dried.
This time my boyfriend made the balls, so they are a bit bigger, than when I make them, as I normally use them for training.

My dogs go nuts for these.
You can't keep them for too long, but a few days in the fridge would do.


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LOVED THOSE PICTURES!! Loved each and every photo there, all made me smile.

The 5th picture reminded me of a fairly famous photo of an Aussie looking at some cupcakes...Jinx has same expression in her eyes as that famous photo.

I love that you also let your dogs lick out the bowls and utensils, so do i! what a treat to a dog!

These recipes both sound like dogs would love them. I will try that second, flour-free recipe, does "minced beef" just mean beef that has been cut up very small?


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Anneke, if there was such a thing as re-incarnation, i'd want to come back as one of YOUR dogs!!!:ROFLMAO: They get tricks-training, homemade treats, and lots of fabulous outings to beautiful wide open places, and chances to run free and play on trips the beach, the fields and the forests, and they even have their own doggie-mobile to ride in, and owners who love them and enjoys them so much.....

could any dog have it any better?


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ah ha! Yes, in USA, we call that "ground beef".
cute to learn new words around here.

Yes, my guy and i think because our kids are now grown, that now we take all that and just "parent" the dog now!!:ROFLMAO:


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I had the strangest thought process when looking through this, "What's minced beef? Mmm muffins... Oh that's what minced beef is! I'll have to try those treats!"

Learn something new everyday. I'm going to have to pick up some more ground beef and make some and see how the pack likes it. Maybe I'll use it when I do conformation again so I don't have to use liver. That's a good thought.


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soooo, I was googling "Mince based dog treats" and this site came up lol!

I'm looking for an easy replacement to cheese as a treat/distractor for Evie at agility. Anneke's Minced beef treats look like they could be perfect, but was worried about storing them. Is there any reason why I couldn't freeze them after cooking? and then just defrost ready to use?


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I don't seen any reason why not. Just make sure it is fully cooled down and covered before putting it in the freezer. It should keep for about 4 months then.


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Yep no problems. Once baked you can pop them in a container and put them in the freezer. I use freezerbags, the ones with a ziplock.
To keep them from clinging together I let them cool down on a piece of kitchenpaper, so all the excess fat drains away. That way I can just take out how much I need and pop the rest back in.


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Evie LOVES them. In fact, she gave me that exact same facial expression that Jinx gave when receiving one lol. At the moment I'm just using them at agility trials only... as I need something to distract her from the other dogs who are in the ring when she's watching as she's a complete nutter when her friends are in the ring. And they worked quite well might I add :)

Much healthier for her too than cheese which is what she was consuming before :)