Ahh Puppies!!!


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Before Thor it had been nearly 10 years since I last had a puppy in my life (My mum's dog) I got Thor because my dog Buffy is 14 years old and has a degenerative disease and I could no longer to simple things with her such as walking more than 10 minutes.

Thor will be 10 months old February 4th on February 12th I'll be bringing home a new puppy. I haven't even made a final decision yet on which one will be coming home but I have it narrowed down to three. I also had to chance to photograph the litter for the breeder so I'd thought I'd share photos since honestly who doesn't love puppies?



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The three I've narrowed it down too all have very different personalities which is why I picked them. I chose Thor out of a picture and didn't meet him until the day I brought him home.

The little merle girl third from the bottom (Sansa) She is quiet, calm, and relaxed. She likes attention but isn't always in your face which would be a nice contrast to Thor's go-go-go - look at me - play with me personality. The only downside is I'm worried she won't have the drive for sports which is okay since I don't care about winning as long as my dogs and I are having fun.

6th from the top the red tri female (Lacey). She's the biggest in the litter (but judging by her parents size and past siblings she won't be big overall) She has drive and stamina and she's absolutely adorable but I'm not sure if I want too high drive red dogs (Thor's 63lbs and growing is a lot of red).

2nd from the top the black tri male (Bran). He is sweet he doesn't have as much drive as Lacey but he isn't as quiet as Sansa he's like the perfect mix of the two but I'm not sure if I want another boy dog Buffy is a little out numbered.


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I just showed the pics to my mum (who's had a lot of experience when it comes to picking animals) and she said Lacey all the way! She thinks she looks the smartest and sanest :)


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They are all so cute!

I think Bran looks like an awesome dog, really unique markings and he looks like he would be a bit of fun and has lots of character. Cheeky but not too naughty and a bit cuddly (well, that's the impression I get).

I get what you mean about Lacey, when I'm ready to get a second dog for myself (Lewis is my mums dog) I'm going to have to think carefully about what kind of personality it has (and what breed) because Holly is so naughty and independent but also very demanding, she doesn't like being bored, if I had too of her I think it would drive me crazy.

It might be better to get a dog that's a bit "gentler" than Thor.
The two dogs we had before Holly and Lewis had complimentary personalities, Paris (female) was the boss, she was strong and didn't put up with anything and liked to kill rats (she was a cavalier so it was a bit strange), she generally took the lead, whereas our other cavalier, Kiefer, was much gentler and cuddly, he was very cute, sweet and he showed affection much more readily. Kiefer was a year older than Paris. They worked really well together and there was never any fights, they shared a crate and although Paris was boss Kiefer's personality meant he fully accepted that. I can't know for sure but I think if I had two dogs like Paris, or two like Kiefer, it would not have been so harmonious.

Now we have Lewis and Holly, we haven't had Lewis that long but he is the opposite of Holly, he is cuddly (Holly doesn't like cuddles) and not very smart so he doesn't get bored like Holly and doesn't need to be entertained, he just isn't as much work and it doesn't matter that I don't put as much work into his training because he isn't as naughty. It's good though because it means I can spend time with Holly doing things that she likes (training, excercising etc) and then spend time with Lewis doing what he likes (cuddles) without and fights because they arn't so interested in each others activities and they both get quality time doing what they like.

So maybe think about what the relationship between the two dogs personalities will be like and what it will mean for your household and how it functions.


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Good God those pups are to die for!!!

Little Bran looks like a cryptic Merle to me due to the parti looking eyes (though I know eye colour can change, and it may just be the photos making him look like he's got parti eyes and I don't expect you'll be breeding anyway :) ) but he's my fav :p


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They're all absolutely adorable, as you say, who doesn't love puppies:love:

Tough decision, but I'd do what Amateur suggested, see which of your three chosen puppies chooses YOU an THOR, I'd take him along too, after all he's also got to live with the new puppy.:D

I'm sure you'll end up with the perfect pup. Can't wait to hear and see all about them, luck you a new puppy!:D


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I third that idea - I'm one for letting my dog(s) decide who comes into the house whenever possible (cuz they often know things we don't, even in puppies). Those puppies are just beautiful, adorable, and delicious!!! :LOL: Wish I could smell their little puppy breath too - ohhhh, for smell-a-vision......:ROFLMAO: