Zeke's NEW Class-Day 5


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Sooooo, today went relatively well. We worked on heel with leash attached to ankle for the first time. Z could've done better but ended up doing great towards the end. Then we did a heel through a "maze" of cat climbing things. Unfortunately, this was right next to the adoption center....and well, Z has a rather uncontrollable intense interest in cats. So he was useless until we started much further away from them. Then it went well. We then worked on teaching stand....which was going FANTASTIC until the Aussie(who is hard to motivate)'s owner decided to try a squeaky toy. Worked great for Aussie, but not so great for Z. Z loves the sound of squeakers, though he won't play with them. So yet again, he was useless for quite a while.

Theeeen....hmm....just lots of practice this week. NEXT week is trick week---she will help us teach ANY trick we come up with. So...ideas, folks? I asked about some double-dog stuff and bringing Mudflap, which she was fine with. But I know her very well so really I can go to her any day of the week with a question about a trick and she can help.

So here's my ideas:
Double dog---jumping tricks
---basic tricks, synchronized(waves, distance commands, etc)
---directed retrieve
---I could come up with a million...

Tricks that are just difficult to train a dog like Zekers
Confidence-building tricks(right up his alley)
Retrieving things OTHER than tennis balls
Self-control tricks

I'm practically BEGGING y'all for ideas, so PLEASE throw some in. His trick list is on my post in the "Meet Our Team" forum.

Anyway, tonight he had very little trouble paying attention even though the floor buffers were going practically the whole class. He was much more confident out in the store. Once again, he snuggled the trainer and even gave her kisses. ^^ My shy boy is blossoming!!!!


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Oooh that sounds like fun! I don't think I have any NEW trick ideas (I always watch other youtube videos for that!), but here's what I'm working on, or "supposed" to be, with Vito:

- Tricks with a cane (circle around it, wrap paws around it)
- Saying "no"
- Lifting both R legs at the same time
- Licking his lips
- Getting better at stacking dishes
- Getting better at standing in a smaller dish
- jumping into my arms
- The "ostrich" trick where dog puts head between front legs
- Scent work (find MY dumbbell)
- Directed retrieves (go to the article I'm pointing you towards)

That penguin trick is really cute too, but Vito needs to have a better "beg" where he doesn't flail his arms around first!


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LOL maybe Vito's a flapping penguin...he might not know they can't fly. ;)

Those are good ideas... I've been searching YouTube for new tricks, lol. I'm also trying to think of quirky things he does that we could catch....but I don't think he has anything. o-0 I dunno...I've skimmed through ClickerTrickDog's vids, as well as Sylvia's. I'll find something before Tuesday...we'll see.


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More ideas after searching YouTube again:

-Bad dog! (go sit in corner, nose to the wall)--not hard for Mud, but not so easy with him....
-Jump on my back(or probably on the trainer's...he'll jump on/over anything I tell him to, and although she's growing on him, don't know if he trusts her enough yet to do that for her)
-Leg tricks
-Allow handling from someone other than me or trainer(this would just be a test...we haven't done much of this)

Going to find more.....:)


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I will. ^^ I'm trying to make it through all of my YouTube subscriptions, lol. When I finally make a decision I'll post it. xD


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Retrieve his tail (if he has one... :D)
Hold a stick with front paws
Spin while standing on back legs
You already told my ideas. :D


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Lol, he does have a tail, good idea.

Hmmm...well, tonight's the night. We'll see what I end up picking, lol!