Zeke's Class--Day 3


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Lol remembered yesterday that I forgot to post about Z's third class Tuesday.

Worked on heel again, and some advanced sit/down-stays. He's really doing so wonderful--he's gained so much independence just in these three classes. Heel is slow-going of course but he's handling it nicely.

Maybe it's none of my business, but the Cesar girl I mentioned in my first class is irritating both me and the trainer. Shortly before class on Tuesday, I took Z back to the water fountains because he was panting fairly heavily. I passed her on the way out and when her BC just glanced at Zeke, she kneed her in the face and snapped, "SHHT!", yanking her leash in the process. The dog was not looking aggressive, forging ahead, or really doing ANYTHING at all other than glancing his way. I gave her an annoyed look and when I got back I talked to the trainer about it. She doesn't want to single her out in class but did go over the cons of using harsh methods. The woman is now being VERY positive in front of the trainer, but twice when her back was turned she scruffed her (for no apparent reason other than that she was looking around the room) and also grabbed and shook her muzzle.
The trainer has pulled her aside and nicely told her basically that her dog didn't need scruffed, that it wasn't allowed during class, and gave her other options, as well as explaining that harsh methods are not good for any dogs, especially BCs. She's talked to her twice now and it's still an issue. She seems to scruff her dog for no reason at all at times. She's constantly "SHHT"ing her, again for no reason. I think she could be turned around fairly easily... I'm not sure if it's not my place to say anything or not, but I did tell the trainer I would ask (during class) her opinion on harsher trainers such as Don Sullivan and Cesar Milan as opposed to positive trainers such as Victoria Stillwell. It'd be good for the whole class and she wouldn't have to single out the woman, but still address the issue. The dog would benefit leaps and bounds, she seems to become more timid every class. And she practically cowers under her owner's hand, but when the trainer works with her she's TONS more enthusiastic and confident.

Anyway....Z's doing well and I'm proud of him. Next week's class is cancelled because trainer is going out of town, but I'm going to take him and work with him there anyway.

So far so good! :)


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i wonder what it is she's trying to correct? or if she knows her own strength?

was a camp counselor once. and this kid would punch me in the arm, playing. but it was bruising... well, it's funny what people can't tell.


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My guess is perhaps her dog is like many BCs--nippy if a dog gets in their face or is generally just rude--and she's confusing it for dog aggression. She's actually a wonderfully well-behaved dog, but you can tell her confidence SUCKS with her owner. Poor dog.


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We have a lab cross in my agility class who is dog aggressive - I've seen the owner hit her twice now for aggressing which to my mind is doing the dog no favours at all. I've now brought it to the trainer's attention - don't know if he hasn't seen it or is just ignoring confrontation.