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Hey'a guys,

My dog's name is Simba, I'm Michaela (notice that was typed in order of importance). I love most animals, but especially my dog. She's my constant companion (in a completely normal way!) and we are seldom apart. She is a maniac with a torturous sense of humour. She is high energy and needs good walks every day. In the winter when it's cooler I run her by my bike and we go at a fast trott with good gallops in between (on the downhill run cos I can't pedal as fast as she can run) for a good hour. In the summer it's a little more sedate and I don't use my bike as it's quite hot where I live and she would overheat. I've had a lot of dogs but she is my first RR. She has certainly been the most challenging, but definitely my favourite. I look forward to getting to know you all, and your pooches, better.

God bless,


Jean Cote

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Hi Michaela! Welcome to the Academy! ;) Sounds like your dog is lucky to have you, especially with all the special time you two spend together. ;) Biking with a dog is great, I've recently purchased myself a springer and it works fantastic with my husky. It was the first time that I could tire her out completely, and she loved every minute of it. :) Well, enjoy the site!!!


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Welcome Michaela! How neat, far as I know you're the first Rhodesian Ridgeback owner here! They are indeed a very unique breed. Enjoy the website!


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Jean;13330 said:
It was the first time that I could tire her out completely, and she loved every minute of it.
LOL, you know it! These high energy dogs are hard work to make tired! I bike a good 12 kilometers in an hour.....and by the end of it her mouth is still shut (she's not panting). Amazing eh. Wish I had that energy.

Cowgirl...thanks for the warm welcome.