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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by driven, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. driven New Member

    Anyone and everyone who already works with clicker training or would like to learn, "Click and Easy" is a great book. It takes you through training so many different things step by step. CLICK HERE

    And for anyone who is interested in clicker training at all or even if you aren't you should definitely read the new book "Reaching the Animal Mind". It is an amaaazing book. Seriously, I didn't think I would be as into it as I was, but I couldn't put it down! It was so interesting! You will learn so much and it is such an enjoyable read! It is crazy good. I am going to buy it. Check it out. You will LOVE it!! I got the book from the library so maybe your library might have it too. It was only a 14 day loan because it is new and I finished it before it was due!! That is big for me... CLICK HERE

  2. snooks Experienced Member

    Looks most excellent. I've added it to my list which keeps getting bigger. :msngiggle: thanks
  3. driven New Member

    You're welcome. Well, "Reaching The Animal Mind" should definitely be your next read.:msnohyes:
  4. desertranger New Member

    You also might want to try Particia McConnels The other end of the leash and there's a book called Control unleashed as well.

    However I would like to say tht dogs are like people and they are individuals. these books are a guide not the ba all end all with answers. Youmade need to read several to make it work for you.
  5. l_l_a New Member

    Since I'm on a tight budget these days (bad economy!) I read "Reaching the Animal Mind" entirely in the bookstore, hehe!! - had to break it up in to a couple of bookstore visits but well worth it.
  6. etorres New Member

    Now that is impressive and efficient! I like the dedication
  7. vickih Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for the recommendations! I recently read Victoria Stillwell's book but didn't think it contained much in the way of new training tips, only the basics were covered which most dog fans know already!
  8. leema New Member

    You're the second person to recommend "Reaching the Animal Mind" to me in the last couple of days, so I'll definitely put it on my list. Thanks!
  9. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Thanks for the suggestion! Reaching The Animal Mind does sound like an interesting book.

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