Who's training whom?


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I just read this article by Casey Lomonaco:
Who's Training Whom? | Dog Star Daily

I thought it was very funny. It has to do with dogs training their owners to do stuff for them. Of course I am guilty of Ryleigh training me. When Ryleigh was too small to jump into my dad's truck or mom's SUV, but too heavy for me too pick up. She would put her front legs in the truck, and then I would pick up her back legs to get her in. Not thinking much about it I continued to do this until I'm pretty sure she could get in by herself. However, I didn't notice she had trained me to do this for her until I got a car. I had pushed the seat of my tiny sunfire forward so she could get in, and she puts her front feet in the car and looks at me like "ok put the rest of me in the car." She may have just learned thats what she is suppose to do to get into a car, but she continues to try and get me to put her in after going in by herself many times.
Did anyone else have their dog train them to do something?:msngiggle:
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I don't know for sure what Buddy has trained us to do yet, but we LOVED your post, and this article, and laffed really hard at it, and the comments under it, too!!

Buddy does like to howl, a soul-moving, heartfelt howl, but he ONLY howls alongside this one clip of Howie Mandell howling in "Walk Like a Man"......which we have taped into our tv, and paused right at that spot, so it's ready to go.

Buddy stands there, his nose touching the tv, frozen like a dog-statue.....

.........waiting for us to turn on that film clip.

If we dont' turn it on, he kinda starts glancing over at us, and making funny noises and then resumes his frozen dog-statue routine, pointing his nose at the tv...eventually, he gets antsy!!

Soon as we DO turn it on, he howls away, his chin pointed up as far as it'll go, and his front feet on tip-toe, and his tail wagging softly, howling his heart out--- over and over...then he walks away, satisfied. Ahhhhh.


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Oh, I've been trained. I hold no illusions that these dogs haven't trained me to do something. And everybody has different cues.

-Kratos likes to do this weird bark when he wants something. It starts out as a bark but then slides into a grumble. However if we tell him to knock it off he acts like he is yawning.:msngiggle:Silly dog.

-Moose when he wants something will "dance" around staring at it. Then will glance at me then at it and continue till I get it for him.

-Jinx has learned to bang on everything if she wants something. Dinner time? Bangs on the bowls. Potty? Bangs on the bell. Want to come in? She hits the door bell...repeatively. :dogrolleyes:We are slowly working on this in order for some peace and quiet in the house.

-Isis is generally the one that has trained us the least. Why bother? Her sister has already done the training:dognowink:. But when she is cold she'll jump on the bed and scratch at the blankets in order for you to let her under them.

Soo, they have me trained pretty well.:dogbiggrin:


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I'm glad you both liked it. I want to see Buddy howling to the clip lol. I don't mind being a little trained :dogcool: I'm sure our dogs will agree we do some pretty good tricks :msngiggle: