Who is your greatest inspiration?

Who is your greatest inspiration?

If you would like to share with us, the person who has most inspired you in your personal life. It does not need to be strictly related to dog, it can be anybody! A famous person, a family member, a friend ... anybody!

And why?

Along with their name, how about you give us a small reason why that particular person has inspired you.

Thank you!
Have a wonderful day!

Jean Cote

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Personally, there are several people who have influenced me personally and my beliefs about life. The top three would be Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins & Ron Paul. There are different reasons for each. Napoleon Hill because of his success formula (basically THOUGHT + ACTION = SUCCESS). Tony Robbins because of his motivation (Ability to act) and Ron Paul because of his life long convictions (Constitution).


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probably the person who keeps me going(along with my dog of course) is my mom. She's the strongest person I know by far. A few years ago she had to sto working, because she kept taking these spells. She has what some doctors believe is MS, others claim that since the tests don't show anything she doesn'T. However the signgs are right infront of their eyes, anyway I better not get into that right now(some doctors really piss me off the way they talk to my mom). So yeah, she's my inspiration,(along with cesar millan, the bros. off supernatural and my brothers.)


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Silvia Trkman- I just adore what she is doing. Not just about agility, but the way she treats her dogs. I want to be like her, in the way I treat my dog(s) in the future.

I don't really have a life apart from dogs, so I guess this is it... :LOL:
And I of course have some people in Hungary, who are a real inspiration to me, but I don't mention their names here.


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My mother is my inspration. she has been throught so much pain, sorrow and she has come out of that to start a new life... She just got remarried on stepember 19.08 I now have been seeing less and less of her depressed moods and seeing more happniess... it does show how you can change your life..

I also have to mention my brother... He was very close to death... But he went into rehb for 2 or so months and came out clean and clear headed... he also got a job only 2 days after being out....

My family is my inspration...


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My uncle is my greatest inspiration. He was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer and put on experimental doses of chemo in an attempt to fight it. Of course, it made him extremely sick, but he never once asked why or became depressed. He was given 6 months to live, if he was lucky. He loved bowhunting with a passion, and took every opportunity to go. If he could walk you can guarantee he was in a tree stand somewhere, bow in hand. He taught me everything I know about archery. When he got bad enough that he had to stay in the hospital, every nurse on the floor knew him by name and he knew all of them. There was one particular day that he wanted desperately to go outside, so we wheeled him down just outside the hospital doors. There, skin and bones, hospital gown barely clinging to his aching body, he spoke to the father of another cancer patient. When he got back up to his room, despite his terrible condition, he told us he felt really bad for the man's daughter, that no one her age should have to go through that(she was 24). And that was him. He was always worried about everyone else. He lived almost 4 years with cancer, long outliving the original 6-months the doctors had given him.

He is the strongest man I have ever known. He never was able to beat the cancer, but he still means the world to me and he has taught me how and what to appreciate in life. I know you asked for a short description, but with him that's just not possible. ^^;