Who Here Would Like To Have Themself And Their Dog In My Book?


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Im thinking of publishing a trick training book.I would like to ask anybody here who is willing to give me a helping hand,and they can get to have a few tricks they have selected for the book,demonstrated by THEM for a little photo of each dog doing the trick and a step by step for training it.

I can only have a 10 person max for my book sooo....the people who seem the best-capible will be featured (no hard feelings for people who don't get chosen;))

So,the tricks will be from begginer to master (choose from 1 or 2 or 3,ect or all catagories)and pick your trick,tell me the steps you would take to do it...and add a photo of you and your dog doing the trick :)

Good Luck Guys!


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i will donate photos of Buddy doing tricks, if that would help. Very few of his tricks are 'original' made-up tricks, if that matters. I copy most of his tricks from seeing others, sometimes adding in a humorous cue instead of 'real' cue.
But Buddy is very photogenic, imo, and you can use him if you like.
I guess it will be hard to show some tricks without having them on video, only in still photos, right?
I don't have a video camera, but, i can borrow one now and then. Just let me know what photos you want, of what tricks, and i'll send them to you.


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I would love to help and see my pups in a book. ^^
I'll try to get a complete list of tricks that my dogs know and pick out one or two, and you can pick whichever you want. :)


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I would love to have Fairley in your book. I'm into photography, so hopefully I can get some good photos for you. :) When do you need all of this by and do you want certain tricks?


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Well,at the moment,there isn't really a set date...just letting everything fall into place.

I'm thinking of beginner tricks-expert tricks,so i was hopeing that you and the other 2 people we have so far could help me come up with a list :)