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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by wobannon, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. wobannon Active Member

    Hello, my name is Whitney and I have a four month old puppy. Nikita is half yellow lab and half samoyed. I adopted her from an animal rescue shelter and I have loved every moment of having her with me! I want to train her with a lot of different tricks because she is insanely smart. She learns things very quickly and I also like to keep her mind working. We live in Salt Lake City, UT and I have a passion for the outdoors including snowboarding, camping, hiking, kayaking and boating. Nikita loves the outdoors too, she has already been camping and hiking several times! I can't wait to take her out in the snow! I love my dog so much, but need some help training her since she is my first dog of my own! Thanks!;) 408393_4341260851891_1358664898_n.jpg

  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome. Nikita is really cute. Do you have a clicker? If not you should look into getting one because they make trick training a lot easier.
  3. Dogster Honored Member

    Hi and Welcome to DTA!!!!!:D Nikita is TOO CUTE for words!!!!!!!!!!:love::love::love: We'd LOVE to see some more pics of Nikita!!! Please tell us what you need help with. If you need any tips or suggestions, we're happy to help!!!!;) Enjoy the site!!!!
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Hi and Welcome to DTA!!!!!!!!!:D Nikita is just too too CUTE she's GORGEOUS!!!!!!:love::love::love: Yes please post more pics, we just adore pics of beautiful doggies. And ask any questions about training, you'll receive masses of really helpful, insightful advice, this forum is the best!
    Have fun, do check out the funny threads, they'll make your day:LOL:
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  5. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome, Nikita is just adorable! :love:
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  6. sara Moderator

    Welcome to the DTA! Enjoy the forum, and don't hesitate to ask questions :)

    She sure is a cute puppy! :)
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  7. xXbuffyXx Active Member

    Hi Whitney! :D You will like the forum, I have only been on here for a few days and everyone on here has already helped me with training my puppy heaps! Nikita is adorable!!! :love:
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  8. Dioritt Well-Known Member

    Hi. Nikita is such a sweetie! I just want do cuddle her!

    I agree with Southerngirl - get a clicker and read up as much about clicker training as you can.
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  9. Dlilly Honored Member

    Welcome to the forums!
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  10. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

    Hello!! Nikita is very cute!!;)

    For start you may want to watch some videos from youtube about clicker training and positive reinforcement:
    This is kikoup channel( I think it's the best channel about clicker training) :http://www.youtube.com/user/kikopup/videos?flow=grid&view=0
    You should get a look on the playlists!

    A video from kikoup:

    Any doubt just ask!!
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  11. wobannon Active Member

    Thanks everyone! It really sounds like I should get a clicker! So I'm definitely looking into that! I will also post more pictures soon, I take several every time we go anywhere! haha Nikita knows sit, lie down, shake, shake other paw, beg, and roll over. Does anyone have any other suggestions of tricks that aren't too hard for a puppy to learn? Thanks! :)
  12. Dogster Honored Member

    Trick ideas:
    play dead, target (object), touch (hand), paws up on object, high five.:) If you need any help teaching a particular trick, just ask!!!!
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    How about 'circle' and 'tunnel'. She's got a very impressive list already, LOL trying to recall what I taught my boy when he was a puppy. You could start the first part of cop-cop she may not go onto the second yet, where you actually walk, but getting her to stand on your feet (wear trainers easier for the dog and your feet) is a good beginning to gain her confidence. Then as she gets a bit older and her balance gets better, you could then move onto the next step.

    Look in the trick section, there are heaps of ideas for tricks. Some members have written down all the tricks their dogs can do, so go through the lists and chose the ones Nikita has a natural aptitude for, she'll show you what that is. Just watch her play. You may be able to capture 'bow' when she stretches after waking up. That's so cute too. When capturing a trick, remember to reward within ONE SECOND!
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  14. wobannon Active Member

    Here are more pictures of Nikita! The size she actually is now is the last picture! She is growing so fast! 4 1/2 months now! :)

    531595_3604312468640_1797888211_n.jpg 522080_3690626146428_567484883_n.jpg 406356_4129317033428_1315779046_n.jpg 395996_3724972045054_319484945_n.jpg 558235_4330221855923_1573704849_n.jpg 523629_4276793720253_693856822_n.jpg 625594_4113266672179_974358983_n.jpg 398397_4420291587610_1574409874_n.jpg

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  15. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

    Soooo cuteee!!:)
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  16. Dogster Honored Member

    ADORABLE!!!!!!!!:love::love::love: She's so fluffy, like a teddy bear!! Awwww!!!!:love::love::D
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    Nikita is ADORABLE!!!!!:love: She's one big, fluffy white Teddy Bear! I want a cuddle!:love: Love the pic where you've managed to take her in the car mirror, great shot!(y)

    Also, noticed one were she's crossing her paws. I would 'capture' that as one of her tricks. When she does it, click/treat give a verbal cue and voila you have a new trick to add to her list. (y)
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