Which NEW lesson would you like to see in the classroom?

Jean Cote

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So I haven't added any new material in the Classroom for a few months and it is due for some new lessons!

But I have a question: Which lesson would you like to see added?

Let me know by replying in this thread! Thanks! :dogsmile:


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New lessons.....cool !!!!!!

There's quite a few I'd like to see, but 2 that I can think of straight away.

Cross paws..... dog is in a drop, sphinx position, moves paw/front leg over the other.
I've been working on this one with 2 dogs, with moderate success :dogtongue:

SHY/shame ..... dog is in a sit, brings paw up and holds over nose for a few seconds.
Also been working on this on, with very little success.


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New lessons?!Cool!If you will ask me,these are my requests

Dance.....I have been trying this trick for several months but I don't know if i am doing it right...

Speak and add.....I trained my dog to do this I even do to my dog to subtract,multiply and divide plus addition and counting!(hehe)

That's about it!


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paw crossing sounds fun, also maybe skateboarding, i want to try this, i will do one day