Which dog training book would YOU recommend?

Jean Cote

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Based on your own personal experience ... which Dog Training Book would you recommend to other (new and experienced) trainers???


Thanks for sharing!!!

brenda taulbee

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It's more of a people training book, than a dog training book, but a personal favorite that I recently discovered is "The Other End of the Leash" by Patricia B. McConnell. It definitely helped me realize my own behavior in terms of biology, and how confusing I can be to my poor dog.

Jean Cote

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Thanks for sharing! I actually own this book! :dogsmile: But definitely agree that it is a good book to read.


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Hmm...I have so many books I need to get, but haven't...

I LOVE 101 Dog Tricks with Kyra Sundance and Chaucy. It's WONDERFUL for the intermediate/experienced trainer, although not so much for the beginner... But nonetheless a wonderful book. There's also another called 101 Tricks by a different author, which is good as well but not quite as impressive as Kyra's.

Currently reading "Training the Hard to Train Dog" by Petty Swager. LOVING it so far, with a few exceptions. Overall a great book, just disagree with some of her views.

I like "Breaking Bad Habits in Dogs" as well. Can't remember the author.

As for general training books.....not sure. :dogblink:


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I love the book "Dog Tricks" by Mary Ray and Justin Harding. It contains more that 50 tricks combined for beginners and experienced dog trainers.


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I also really like Patricia McConnell's The Other End of the Leash, and really all of her books.

Other favorites are:

"When Pigs Fly: Training Success with Impossible Dogs" by Jane Killion
"Control Unleashed" by Leslie McDevitt
"Dogs are From Neptune" by Jean Donaldson (and all of her books!)
"Clicker Training For Obedience" by Morgan Spector
"Shaping Success" by Susan Garrett

and a ton more books! Unfortunately I spend way too much money on dog books since the library doesn't really have any dog books other than breed specifics and some older training ones!


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I just got Brenda Aloff's latest book, Getting Connected With Your Dog, comes with a 90 min dvd too. Just started to read and watch, it's awesome so far. A bit pricey maybe but at over 300 pages and with the dvd it's worth it!!