When Pit Bulls Have Grammies...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by JazzyandVeronica, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    or why my dog is spoiled and fat. :eek::rolleyes::p

    I thought you guys might get a kick out of this...a rather candid moment between Veronica and her Grammy. :)

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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Aww that' so very cute. Mrs. V. is certainly spoiled by her grandma. And this goes to show that Pitties are great with people.
  3. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Hahahaha sooooo cute! Too funny! :D
  4. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    Awwww... Lovely vid! Every dog needs a Grammie!

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