What To Do For Diarrhea?

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by tigerlily46514, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Buddy has diarrhea now, all night long. I'm having to let him out every few hours, no idea what is wrong.
    I hope he is better tomorrow, i hope he just ate something odd somehow, and will be okay tomorrow, as the vet is closed on Sundays. (opens for emergencies, but it costs a fortune, not sure this is "emergency"?)

    What should i do?
    Is there anything i should feed him? Or not feed him? If he is still sick on Sunday, til i can get him to the vet on Monday?
    ..............the internet is full of conflicting advice, i'd rather hear from someone here who has dealt with this...

  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    i should stop feeding him altogether, is that right? won't he get dehydrated, or, can he still have water?
  3. sara Moderator

    What I do for diarrhea is fast for 24 hours (with water) I also give Slippery Elm 2x per day. Second day I feed Mashed Potatoes (my vet recommends that more than rice or pasta) and Slippery Elm in 2 feedings. third day I mix dog food with the mashed potatoes and Slippery Elm, 4th day I feed just dog food and Slippery Elm, after that back to normal.
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    THANK YOU, SARA! off to google "slippery elm".
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Get well soon Buddy!
  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    well, we made it through today, Sunday, and now i feel like an idiot i did not even know i should stop feeding a dog who has diarrhea. duh. thank you Sara, for telling me this.

    I should have stopped his solid foods a day ago, when we first realized he was having diarrhea...........i could have spared him a whole other day of this distress and loss. I tried to get a sample to bring to the vets, but, it is just water now, and nothing to pick up. :eek: then i read on the internet how bad off that is, to look like water, that that is a emergency serious diarrhea, and the dog might need an IV.

    Soon as we put Buddy on liquids only, his watery diarrhea stopped.
    By then, my dog also looked pretty poorly to me, his eyes did not look right to me. Maybe kind of sunken in, almost, and his whole facial expression looked wrong...as if he'd been kicked in the stomach.

    Hard to explain, but i looked at him at some point today, and realized, he is weak, feels lousy, and is probably dehydrated. His belly did not seem painful to him when i felt around on it, but, he feels way too skinny now.

    He was not drinking much liquids today.:eek: I even tried a bit of weak broth, but he wouldn't drink any. Why do kids and dogs ALWAYS get sick on the weekends???

    He looked lousy, and was laying around, fairly listless. so i fed him ice cubes, which he has always loved, ice cubes.
    Every hour or so, i handed him ice cubes, he always took them. I put a tiny bit of salt into my hand, and had BUddy lick this off, to help perk up his thirst, as he seemed dehydrated and "out of it", imo.

    I tried to find this stuff, K9 electrolytes, a liquid to give dogs who have diarrhea, to replace their electrolytes lost in diarrhea and on a fast, but, none of the pet supply places on my side of town sold it.
    But the internet said, it's okay to give a dog Pedialyte, a liquid electrolyte supplement for kids with diarrhea. HOpe that is true, cuz i did it. I could not find any slippery elm like Sara uses.

    So i got some Pedialyte, one bottle of flavorless, and one bottle of apple flavored.

    and Buddy wouldn't drink any.:cry:
    so i added a lil bit of the water out of a tuna can into the bowl of Pedialyte, and he drank it then.:D He loves tuna.

    then i poured some Pedialyte into lil plastic containers, shallow, about 1/2 inche deep, and froze it several of these lil slabs of frozen Pedialyte.

    Soon as it froze, i took that lil chunk of ice, and put it into sandwhich bag, and broke it into bits, which---being in ice form------Buddy readily accepted and chomped right down.
    YESsssssssss, felt so good to get some nutrients into him.

    Then, after 18 hours of no food, and no diarrhea,
    i took some pedialyte and used it for the water to make some rice,
    and gave him a small amt of rice. He snarfed it down, and spent several minutes licking the bowl spotless, is nothing wrong with his appetite.
    I wanted to use potatos, but my dog gets gassy if he gets too much potatoes, and he seemed so fragile, i didn't want to risk upsetting his tummy.

    I salted the rice a bit, too, to help perk up his thirst. Salt is normally not great to give to dogs, but, salt is your friend when you need to get fluids into a dog (or an otherwise healthy human, too)

    He has still not had any diarrhea, since the rice 8 hours ago. :D Tomorrow, i will give him some rice and a wee sliver of chicken for breakfast, and see how it goes. If the diarrhea returns, at least i can get a sample to bring to the doc, and we will get to the vet. I'm hoping my dog will just become his normal self again.

    He was playful tonight,:D much better looking than this morning. His eyes looked fine, and he was kind of perky again.:D Not 100% but much better.

    I *think* the worst is over, i hope,
    if the diarrhea returns once he resumes having solid bland foods, then it's off to the vet. I have been especially worried,
    cuz our friends new puppy was just diagnosed with Giardia.......after we had played with and handled and held this pup, and walked all over his yard, etc, and then maybe tracked some germs back to Buddy...this has been on our minds all weekend, is,
    what if Buddy has Giardia, and would need an IV...

    but, hopefully, it was just a bad weekend, and he will be fine to slowly advance onto bland diet, now that his lil colon has had a chance to rest...i hope.
  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    oh, and i gave him a tablespoon of plain canned punkin. It is supposed to be good for both diarrhea and constipation.(?)
    It is full of fiber, and i figured, if Buddy is impacted/blocked off
    the punkin might help him pass anything blocking him off. (watery stools can sometimes indicate a blockage)

    and if he is not blocked off, the fiber can bulk up a watery stools.

    and i was nervous, and wanted to give him something, so i gave him the punkin. Hope that was right.

    I always have a freezer bag of lil globs of punkin, wrapped in bits of wax paper. Seems a shame to waste a whole can of punkin whenever i need a dose for the dog, so i store the extra in individually wrapped doses in a bag in the freezer.
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Glad to hear Buddy is a bit better. :) He is lucky for having you to care for him. (y)

    My #1, #2, #3, and #4 vets tell me that Pedialyte or a small amount of Pepto Bismol is safe for dogs. (Yes, I have 4 vets...just to make sure I have plenty of options should there be an emergency.) I do actually have some DOG diarrhea medicine, though, because I am still leary of using Pepto. I have used a very small amount, if I do not have anything dog-specific on hand. I need to compare the ingredients, for curiosity's sake... Now that I think of it, one of them did recommend rice for diarrhea as well. But I wasn't 100% sure of this when I first read this post, so didn't want to respond with it.

    Anyway...glad he seems a little better. :)
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  9. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    thanks for caring Tx, i have been worried all day long about my dog--------- i waffled between telling myself, "My dog is in dire straights, he probably needs an IV, and any decent person would demand ask the vet open his office up on Sunday,and shell out the Sunday fees for that."....
    "my dog is going to fine...my dog is going to be fine..."
    back and forth, all day long.

    GOOD TO KNOW about a lil bit of pepto bismol, i'd read that, but, wasn't sure. Hearing it from you adds to my confidence.

    i hate it when dogs or kids get sick on weekends....how did i never ever know we should withold food from dogs with diarrhea? If i'd known that, i could have done that on Saturday, and spared him. Buddy did look pretty darn horrid today, but wow, did it feel good to see his eyes back where they belong and some playfulness.

    hope his lil rice breakfast tomorrow doesn't bring on the diarrhea...i hope. But, if it does, at least the vet will be open!! YAY!
  10. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, imagine having horses. xD Horses are the masters at getting sick or injured at the absolute most inopportune times. Years of horse-ownership has taught me that horses get together and snoop on our calendars to find exact holidays and weekends to get sick/injured on. :ROFLMAO: Then they make it even worse by making it late at night, in the wee hours of the morning, in the middle of a storm, or in the once-in-a-blue-moon moment that you actually have heavy snow and ice in Texas. LOL!
    If nothing else, horse ownership really makes you prepared. :LOL:

    If anything rice should help with the diarrhea. Keep us posted. :)
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  11. Anneke Honored Member

    Oh dear!! I hope Buddy wil feel better.
    I use rice too, when my dogs have diarrhea. I boil it in some chickenstock for salt, but your way of just letting him lick salt of your hand is fine too.;)
    Do get Buddy checked on Giardia, as it kan cause the diarrhea to return if not treated.

    And yes, over here my dogs seem to prefere to get sick on weekend tooO_o Fortunately I have a health insurance for both my dogs, so I don't have to pay the full amount.
    As for beating yourself up, for not going to the vet... Well, I know you would have if you had felt it was becoming too bad! But I know the feeling.
    It is awfull to see our little ones in distress...
    A big virtual hugg from the other side of the world, for you and Buddy!!
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  12. charmedwolf Moderator

    Good to hear that Buddy is doing better!
    I've only been able to glance around and haven't been able to reply and help out.

    For my pups, I give them a large spoonful of unseasoned canned pumpkin, if that doesn't work I'll give them a little metamucil over their pumpkin food mix. If I know it is stress induced diarrhea I'll give coconut macaroons. If I don't have any pumpkin or metamucil, I'll give a little bit of Imodium which normally helps right away.

    My dogs always seem to get sick on Thursday which is the only day my favorite vet doesn't work. So I have to choose between my small animal vet, the ER vet or go to my mother's vet. I usually just wait or if it's life or death go to the ER vet.

    However, my human friend Jon takes the cake with the worst timing. You remember hurricane Irene that hit New Jersey hard? Jon's appendix decided it needed to come out right then. My roommate went with him in the ambulance while I followed with another friend in my truck. Now I get to constantly tell him he's unlucky.
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  13. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Glad Buddy's doing better, it's always so hard when our pups aren't feeling well. Went thru this quite often with one of my previous dogs (now at The Bridge) and I used to cook up plain chicken (I'd just grill, microwave, or boil it) and feed that with a bit of plain white rice -- or the plain mashed potatoes sound good too - or, you feed just the plain chicken if things are really bad and the dog doesn't want anything more (they'll often at leaast be interested in the chicken). Adding some chicken broth will give them some needed fluids. And yes, you can give Pepto, I've used it on many occasions and it has def helped.

    I give my female a 'blop' of canned pumpkin each day now (for years) to keep things 'normal', as without it, she has 'issues'. Pumpkin has lots of fiber which is good for helping to regulate things - meaning firming or loosening things up, whichever is needed. Works both ways - fabulous stuff! Love that pumkin! :)
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  14. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    THANK YOU ALL for caring, and for tips, advice, and for sharing your knowledge of what to do, and now, I can't believe i knew so little about managing this issue for dogs!!?? Well, now i know a lot more than i did a few days ago. Too bad for Buddy i did not know this stuff before this weekend.

    and THANK YOU for sharing, that your dogs, animals, and even friends,
    all seem to get sick at the worst times, too! Some pretty and amazing funny stories, thank you cuz i needed a chuckle.

    After worrying my head off all day yesterday---Today, Buddy is doing okay. :D so far anyway.

    He ate his rice with 1 sliver of chicken breakfast, drank water, and has not had any stools at all so far today. YAY!! He gets his dinner in a few hours. I will add a bit more chicken to the rice for his dinner. He looks good today, and is acting pretty close to normal, not all listless anymore, yay! I am still kind of babying him, not having him run or take a long walk, just short walks. I also gave him a new toy out of guilt and pity.:rolleyes:

    His next stool, i WILL collect and take to the vet to be tested, just to sure that Buddy doesn't have that Giardia :sick: like our friends' dog has.

    and IF Buddy's next stool is still a diarrhea, then i'll take both the sample AND the dog, to the vet.
    thank you all again!!!!!!! I will save this thread, for next time my dog ever gets sick, i will have even more tips and advice to know what to do.
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  15. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Yay for Buddy! :D Fingers crossed that he is completely over it.

    JACKIE, so good to "see" you back around here!! Haven't seen you around here in a while, hope you and your furry bunch are doing well. :)
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  16. Dogster Honored Member

    Oh poor Buddy!!!:cry: Hug him for me!!!! I hope he gets better!!!! Shivon had diarrhea during the summer. The worst thing about it was picking it up.:poop::sick:
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  17. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    so far...........so good........now i am half worried he is constipated,:ROFLMAO: still not a stool, but he is eating and has GREAT appetite, and seems pretty perky, but wow, he lost a ton of fur, all in one day, was just FALLING OFF in handfuls!!!!!!! the other day....kind of worrying, but, ha, maybe it is just his spring shedding as it has been a lil warmer out...

    and now has slowly been advanced back to almost completely normal diet again, and i gave him some punkin, to help in case he is a lil constipated.

    i want to get a specimen to take to the vets, just to be sure Buddy does not that Giardia that our friend's dog has....but, so far, nothing. But, at least, no diarrhea! yay!!

    the worst is also cleaning off the dog...:sick: ..Buddy has his full winter coat, and long thick hair all over his back legs and bum...
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  18. Anneke Honored Member

    oh yes that is bad:sick:
    Hope he keeps feeling happy!
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  19. Dogster Honored Member

    Would NOT want to wipe Buddy after going to the bathroom!!!!:sick: I wouldn't be able deal with that!!!! SOOO GLAD he's feeling better!!!! I never knew about giving a dog pupkin for diarrhea, I'll try that next time (hopefully there won't be a next time). I hope Buddy doesn't get constipated, very disgusting for both the owner and the dog (read about it in a book once, HILARIOUS story).:LOL:
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  20. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    lol, Dogster, you got that right! Only someone who loved this dog, would clean him up! If dry, it brushes right out, IF IF IF one can stand waiting that long....:sick:

    Re: the punkin, well, honestly Dogster, it is kind of odd, it says punkin, (the PLAIN kind of canned punkin, NOT the sweetened, spiced kind) is good for constipation,
    as well as diarrhea. :ROFLMAO: I know it IS good for contipation, i know that. I have used punkin for Buddy for this, and it works. I only use 1 tablespoonful, and several hours later--wa-la! problem solved.

    I am not 100% certain it is good for watery diarrhea. The thinking is, since punkin is so full of fiber, that the fiber will 'soak up' the runnyness, and help reduce diarrhea. This may or many not be true for all types of dog diarrhea. But, it did seem to help Buddy's diarrhea. so who knows? maybe someone else here knows for sure, if punkin IS good for diarrhea in most cases??

    Since canned punkin is sold in larger amounts than you need to give a dog 1 tablespoon now and then,
    you can divvy up the rest of the can of punkin, onto 5-inch squares of WAX paper,
    (NOT saran wrap, NOT foil, both will freeze into crevices, i learned this the hard way..:rolleyes: )
    ---------------then fold up all those lil the wax papers with small punkin globs on them, and put all those lil folded up punkin squares into a freezer bag, and freeze them.:D

    dogs will eat punkin frozen, too. Start with tiny bits, if it is new taste to your dog. Buddy's very very first dose ever, he had to have some peanut butter on it, :rolleyes: but now, he takes it plain.

    It is good to have some frozen punkin in your freezer, or a few extra cans on your shelf,
    as in my town, they only sell canned punkin in the fall and winter,:( not in the summertime. It is sold in the pie-baking aisle.
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