What should i name my puppy?


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:dognowink:In 2 weeks i am getting a female chihuahua puppy and i cannot think of a name. I want something different like Deja or Priscilla....any ideas?


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I personally like Deja so if you don't have a dog named like that, that would be my pick. It is quick to say and you would be able to yell it if necessary. I can't help anymore then that I have a hard time coming up with names for mine.


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2000 DOG NAMES: Naming your puppy

this one has a "Chihuahua Names" link!!
Dog Names

Good luck with the new puppy!! Be sure to 'socialize' that puppy, it should be held by 100 people, in next 100 days!!!---- ALL kindsa people, people with hoods on, big people, small people, kids, hyper people, all kinds, PASS THAT PUPPY AROUND!!!

Come on back when you need some help!! lol!!