What Our Dogs Have Eaten

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by southerngirl, May 14, 2013.

  1. southerngirl Honored Member

    Just a fun thread to share stories of things our dogs have ate.
    What's the worst thing your dog ever ate?
    Here is what I can think of for Missy(there's probably more) A strap on my shoe, parakeet playground(Buddy was not happy), batteries(yes Batteries and some how she didn't get sick At All. The dog has a cast Iron stomach), 13 pieces of Valentine Chocolate, a hole lot of Halloween candy, a wall and a whole lot more. Absolutely none of these things made her sick.:confused:

    Chase. I don't really remember much because I was maybe 2-6ish when he still chewed things. My ken dolls clothing.:cautious: and JarJar(from star-wars) and that's all I can remember.
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  2. tylerthegiant Well-Known Member

    Eaten or destroyed? In my house destroyed would be a longer list.
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  3. Mutt Experienced Member

    Yikes watch out with chocolat it's poison for dogs (not in very small dosis, but I would never feed it deliberetely. Just a warning for next time ;).

    As for my two 'angels ': eaten not so much. Though Mazzel snatched a chomp cheese from the counter and the gerbilfood when he was younger.

    Destroyed: holes in the wall (plaster), remote control, my latin schoolbook (the dog eat my homework :cautious:) and lots and lots of pillows (by Boef).
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  4. tylerthegiant Well-Known Member

    I tell my dogs all the time they don't know good they have it. Some people would not put up with the level of destruction I have endured. I don't even want to think about the monitory value of they property I've lost or I might change my mind. :LOL:
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  5. southerngirl Honored Member

    Yes,I know about chocolate poisoning, but at the time I was 12 or 13. She is my first dog so she taught me where I could put food and where I couldn't cause at the time I didn't think about her taking chocolate from my chair or a bag of candy.
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  6. southerngirl Honored Member

    Once this school year I went to school and turned in a paper that was crinkled, torn and had tooth marks, it had meet my friends puppy boxer's mouth. My teacher was like did your dog do this? Missy tore some pages out of my math text book, me and my mom taped them back together(the teacher never knew):sneaky:
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  7. Linda A Experienced Member

    Neither of my dogs have eaten anything they shouldn't. Royal is a good boy but Spice is the destroyer. Her nickname is 'Brat Girl.' At 3 1/2 she is still a thief and I can not leave any thing I value within her reach.
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  8. brody_smom Experienced Member

    My old gsd/chow chow used to eat rubber bands, candy wrappers, toilet paper straight from the roll, used tissues from the garbage can. I rarely saw her do this, but the evidence always turned up later:poop:!
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  9. aoifehendriks Member

    Ború is usually great about not stealing anything with ONE exception! When we BBQ he relentlessly tries to sneak charcoal from the bag. He tries to chew it, realises it's not tasty, spits it out, comes up for a kiss with a big black mouth and then a while later tries to get another piece.
    Destroyed: well he didn't do it directly but he did destroy my iPhone as a puppy and my dignity!!!! After his first show we went with him and his sister and her owners for a run in the park beside the show grounds as a treat. The two were chasing away and having fun until his sister stopped at the edge of the mucky stagnant stream. Ború having no breaks catapulted straight over her and ended up swimming but unable to get out due to slippery sides. I got in and fished the crazy one out. Drama over until my husband pulled my sodden iphone from my back pocket......:( We then had to head back to the show ground to get our stuff with me and the pup stinking of stale water, covered in muck and trailing pond weed....... ;)
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  10. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'm sorry, but that is too funny. I would have loved to see that, but not smell it.:p:ROFLMAO:
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  11. sara Moderator

    Hmmmn, well, I cant even begin to get into this... I'd be here all day... Mouse was A VERY BAD PUP... and Oliver wasn't much better!
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  12. southerngirl Honored Member

    Missy was too. In fact she was so bad that my dad who does not care for animals threatened several times to dump her on the side of the road:mad: . Missy was a tornado leaving a path of destruction behind her.
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  13. farwyn Well-Known Member

    Well i used to have a couple of dogs in the past and i have to admit that i still cant figure out how my yorkie actually managed to destroy my car ! I let him alone inside for like 2 mins , in order to go get a newspaper and when i came back i saw him hanging from the wires under the steering wheel , the dog was alright but ... the car wasnt . In fact when i called a technitian and asked him to fix the car he told me that it would be better for me to go get a new one instead of fixing it ( i used to have a seicento fiat about 2k euros and the replecement parts costed about 3.5k :S ) . You know ... technology

    Apart from that , this same little dog Destroyed : 2 Sofas , 1 pair of sandals , 1 pair of shoes , broke about 5-6 vases and peed ,when it was little, on my laptop (which miraculusly was ok about 1 day or 2 later xD )
    As for eaten the list is kinda ... long , actually too long xD

    In conclusion this 250$ pup costed me about 4k-5k euros but he provided us with so much fun that he makes up for it hundreads of times :)

    R.I.P Figaro ...
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  14. 648117 Honored Member

    Holly was pretty good as a puppy and mostly just destroyed her own toys (and she really does destroy them). But she has destroyed one pair of shoes, a set of earphones, a couple of dog beds, many sticks and pens. She also somehow managed to rip a piece off her first kong (and it was a red one, not a puppy one)
    She has eaten many many miscellaneous items on walks (she scoops it up and eats it too quickly to get it off her sometimes), a fair amount of seaweed and the chicken, cat, and horse poo.

    One of the dogs we had before Holly ate an entire block of chocolate and wasn't sick (although we did call the vets and they said to bring him too them if he started acting odd), chicken feathers, chicken layer mash (he loved it so much we half expected him to lay an egg), Q-tips and other miscellaneous that he managed to get out of the rubbish.

    Holly also loves charcoal. We use it in our fireplace and last winter she kept stealing it and eating it but she was a puppy so I thought it might be a teething thing. This year we have only had the fire going a couple of times so far and she still steals the charcoal, she hasn't grown out of it. I take it off her, but if I don't then she will chew it up and make a mess.
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  15. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Veronica's last act of adolescent rebellian was to eat my living room set:


    In her defense...it was old and ugly and we did desperately need a new one anyway.
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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    OMD!!!!!!!!! I'm sitting here feeling quite smug:p Ra Kismet wasn't a destructive pup at all - try soccer playing keeps them so busy they forget to be destructive. He only managed to break an outside candle lamp holder (the old kind of lantern ones) and that was an accident. He jumped up on a glass top table he remained in place but the lantern hit the ground, smashed to pieces and I had to keep a young puppy, who's stay wasn't all that lengthy, on the table top while I got rid of all the broken glass. The only other thing he destroyed was the car starter clicker thingee, which meant partner had to sit and count the 'security clicks' down every time he started the car. Fortunately no police saw him otherwise he would have had some explaining to do!

    Ra Kismet has only eaten SKC, the ONLY thing to ever give him a tummy ache and that was snaffled up too quickly as we crossed the road - he showed me an 'all gone Mom" empty mouth when we reached safety. We were leaving on a road trip that night, so had a puppy asking every few miles to get out for toilet purposes. Bless his heart he didn't do it in the car. And he also swallowed an crystal put in the drink water to ward of fleas, just caught him in the act, but one very quick swallow and it was gone. Took him to the vets who duly prodded and poked to no avail and put us on 'watching him'. Despite examing poop we never did find the crystal and he didn't suffer one bit.

    Zeus is and was the 'jock and sock' man, along with kleenex tissues and toilet rolls. No excuse he's 13 years old now and no sign he's about to 'reform'. Plus he eats the kitty krunchies and has chewed his way through the barrier erected (like Fort Knox) around the kitty litter box, just so he can continue with these apparently delicious treats:eek:

    As to the house hold goods, both have been very good boys, nothing much except I have forgotten, Ra Kismet did kinda chew the duvet. More mouthed it while asleep than the big rip number, nevertheless we would wake to flying feathers!
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  17. Caiti Experienced Member

    Wylie wasn't very destructive. When we first got him, he had separation anxiety and chewed a bit of wall but thats it. :p
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  18. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Oh, these are all so funny to read (well, funny now I supposed - and funny to the rest of us). :LOL: Makena was always a good girl ... but Alfie ... not so much. :eek: Three couches, a porch swing, two down pillows (I'll let your imagination go wild with that one!! - then add the plug to the vacuum cleaner to the same offense :mad:), so many huge holes in the yard I told him the next one had better be big enough to bury himself in!, oh the list goes on and on .... and yet, he's still here. :love: And yes, we were working with a vet behaviorist! :ROFLMAO: (who kept saying .. omg, omg...). And paper and plastic bags are still two of his favorite treats.

    And about 17 years ago, my previous GS Heidi (who I had only had a couple months at the times, she was less than 2), grabbed the Thanksgiving turkey off the kitchen counter when no one was looking and drug it into the living room onto the floor. We heard a big crash .. and well .... I guess she thought it smelled good .. and from the looks of things, she thought it tasted pretty good too!!! :eek::mad::confused::LOL::ROFLMAO:
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  19. MaryK Honored Member

    Jackie, you forgot the dining chairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes: Alf I think would def be a good candidate for the "World's Most Destructive Dog".;)

    I had a GS who grabbed a special birthday cake off the table, well trolley it was going to be wheeled into the room, and looked up with cream, icing, cake all over his face as if to say "You sure know how to treat a boy" - it was very close to his birthday too. And he had the worst tummy ache, kept me awake all night with his groaning!
  20. Gordykins Experienced Member

    During my first six months with Gordy sometime, I thought he ate an earring. I had just come home from work, and he jumped up to give me my hug and say hello. He decided to nibble my ear, and when he jumped down, I went to rub the slobber off of my ear, and found out that my earring wasn't there anymore. I didn't care about the earring... I don't wear expensive jewelry at all. They were little C.Z. studs... but I was worried that because an earring is pointy that it could hurt Gordy on it's way out. Being a newbie dog owner, I called the vet who told me I could bring him in. He said that Gordy would probably just pass it, but the bigger problem was that depending on what type of metal the post was made of, there could be a toxicity problem. He offered to x-ray so we could see how far it got... and the x-rays showed absolutely nothing.

    I remember coming home so well, because I discovered that I forgot my house key, so we got to go for a walk until my boyfriend came home. I looked everywhere for that earring hoping that I had just overlooked it on the floor before I called the vet... then that way I'd have no worries. I didn't find it. But the vet said that it's normally really easy to see something metal on an x-ray.

    A whole year later, I found the earring tight up against the inside part of a leg of my kitchen table!

    So the worst thing that Gordy has eaten since I have had him (who knows what he ate during his first 9 months) is the foster dog's food, and a hot wing (bone and all) within an hour of each other, under my boyfriend's "careful" watch. Gordy's tummy got all big and bloated, and newbie dog owner once again ran to the vet with him, afraid of bloat... just to hear that everything was fine, and that Gordykins was just a lil' gassy. Not a pleasant night in my bed! :giggle:
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