What Makes Your Heart Melt?


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I know that each person's dog is special to them, but what are those really special things that your dog does which makes your heart melt? I have two - they are regular moments when I feel as close to my dog as I'm ever likely to feel...

1. First thing in the morning, when the bedroom door opens, she storms in, jumps on the bed, and gets her face as close to me as she can. Sometimes I think she'd climb inside me if she could. Then she will lay there until she hears the words "let's get up then". At which point she rushes down the stairs as though her tail were on fire!

2. Each day I go and work out in my home-gym. As I do, Ellie comes in, sits on one of the spare benches and just lays there. I think it's great that she could go anywhere in the house, but chooses to come and be with me, despite the clattering of weights.


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Zeke--when he literally leaps with joy when I come home. (Straight up in the air, as high as I am tall.) You'd think he'd be so excited he'd just run me right over, but as soon as I get in the door he just hurries up to me and can't wait to be loved on. He'll get his snuggles in and then he races to find a tennis ball.

Rusty--when his little stub tail his wagging so hard his whole butt is shaking all over the place. When I'm sitting on the floor and he lays his big Rottie head(and shoulders, and legs) in my lap and just snoozes. Perfectly content just to be with me.

Mudflap--when she's playing or something and then just looks randomly across the room at me. That Border Collie tail will get to wagging, and she just gets a certain look. She'll come over to me and want to be snuggled. She does this thing where if I'm petting her head(mainly side of head, ears, chin) she'll lay her head into my hand....and if I keep petting long enough, soon she's laying on her back wanting a belly rub.

All of my dogs are snugglers. ^^ I am too I guess so that's alright. ;) I'm sure I'll come up with other things my dogs do that make my heart melt....lol!


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Every morning, Zena jumps up on the bed, and uses her head to gently push either me or my husband over so she has room to lay. I'll snuggle up to her, put my arm around her, and depending on what's going on that day, we'll lay together for a while, then get up, or we'll bith just go back to sleep.
She's always still there when I wake up.:dogsmile:


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my heart melts when koda is so happy, and she looks at me so pleased with ourselves, i get it when we go for a bike ride or have been to the beach or just something out of the ordinary and she likes it, she looks at me as if to say "IM SOO HAPPY" well done penny (yes im sure she says it, she'd give me liver if i ate it shes so proud)

I love the fact storm and i are so insink (dont no the correct spelling but you get what i mean) most people you see tripping over there dogs if they stand in the way while walking or when doing agility they sometimes trip up, i can tell you we have never tripped over each other by accident (he will trip you up for a laugh, you can actually see storm stick his foot out to catch you) but we have had some near misses but have been intuned with each other and have not crashed, when really we probably should have,

but also storm and i have a great bond, we know when each others not well or sad and just what each other needs at that time, we just kinda know, im sure most of yous have the same thing with a dog you've had


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Melting is pretty easy for me. The happy panting smiley look after a good play/training session. When puppy sleeps on her back or either invites me to rub their bellies by rolling over and growling and offering up their bellies like the irresistible commodity it is. Both curl in a ball with tail covering nose and sleep so I often get down there with them and curl up with one on each side. It feels great when they put their heads on me and do that big happy SIGGGHHHHHh groan.

The mornings are so fun because both snort sort of like javelinas when they come up for some butt scratches and to ask to go out. Sometimes they just fall against the bed and go back to sleep. The thing that causes me to catch my breath is when they are working and running with abandon. Both love to so agility and they glow with happiness as they run. Right now puppy is lying with her head on my feet which I also really like.

I bet I could come up with a huge list if I got revved up.


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MIne is kinda like Storm's favorite thing, when i do something REEALLY fun and special, and he gets so stoked, and looks SOO HAPPY, so very very happy, i have to laff out loud. Storm describes it perfectly, my dog does same thing.

Or, when we come home, he does this thing, he leaps, and cries, and just tremlbes with emotion, leaps, and cries some more, and quivers, leaps, and smiles real big, just running around and around our legs in tight circles... this part of the greeting can go on and on for several moments, depending on how long we have been gone-----
and THEN he immediately follows that dramatic lengthy greeting-- with his famous "victory lap" all around the house, turning over rugs and barely makng the turns, zooming around and around, as fast as he can inside of a house, we are laffin and laffin at this-- and then-- he always suddenly comes to complete abrupt stop and lays down like Egyptian sphinx, completely dignified and composed again, and looks at us. We bust out laffin every time.