What is it with ridiculous dog court cases in my area lately???

Jean Cote

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It is a ridiculous law, and they are only doing it for money. That’s what they’ve been doing for years with speeding tickets. My aunt got nailed with a speeding ticket for going 5KM/h over!!!! That is ridiculous.


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Good grief!!!

People dye dog hair (especially Poodles!) all the time, and the fact that she works in the industry should give her a certain amount of leeway - she knows what is or isn't harmful.

Sounds like she's not even dying her dog just for the heck of it, but for a good cause!

Lol, you *do* live in a crazy place :D


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The prejudice we have about Americans is that they suit/sew (you know what I mean and if you don't like my spelling mistakes: suit me :dogtongue2: ) everybody for everything. A burglar suing the house owner because he stumbled over something on the stairs while he was breaking and entering, someone suing the person that saved him from drowning because during the rescue he broke a rib, a woman suing a microwave company because they didn't tell her you cannot use them for drying dogs...

But as I learned from this forum lots of Americans are actually reasonable and rational thinking people so this must be an exception. Although this story does make me wonder again :doglaugh: :msngiggle:

ps: somebody pléase tell me the correct spelling for suing :dogohmy:


You had it right in your request. It is spelled "suing". You are right about a lot of Americans being suit happy. People hoping to get rich quick. Fortunately some of us are level headed, although we could do with a few less lawyers!:msnohyes: After my daughter was rearended by a semi truck ( she came out with a few bruises, but it could have been so much worse as her car was pushed over a hundred feet and hit a tree hard enough to buckle the dashboard) I received several letters from lawers (who apparently monitor the police reports) offering to represent us in a suit! There are both extremes on one hand you have a women being prosecuted for dying her poodle and on the other hand you have poor Mudflap being pulled under the fence and his foot mauled by a repeatedly vicious dog and the officials do nothing.:dogwacko:
After reading the article, I find out that she only uses organic beet juice to dye her dog! That humane society needs to worry about the real abuses and puppy mills!


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I think you are correct that our world is so sue happy that often we jump to conclusions before getting all the facts first! Just turn on the tv and everyday we get these kinds of stories. I was the victim of a dog bite as a child which caused my ear to be ripped off by my bestfriends dog. It was an accident and we were playing with the dog. I had a plastic surgeon put it back on and was fine, granted it took me some time to get use to dogs again and some painful nights at first but I can only imagine the ramifications if my parents had chose to sue my friends family. Instead my friends parents ended up ensuring the dog was properly cared for with the appropriate behavior trainers and vet to decide the best course of action. To this day I was taught a valuable lesson accidents do happen and you cannot take advantage of a situation to make money.


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I can't believe that the judge actually postphoned the case in order for the woman to get a lawyer. He should of thrown that out of court. I mean lets use a little common sense, but that is one thing I think that the American legal system sometimes lacks.


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People actually dye their dog's fur?

I know most hair dyes have some pretty harsh chemicals in them, so my question is, is this safe?