What Is Clicker Training?

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    You may have seen television shows where animal trainers hold a peculiar looking device that does nothing but click. These folks are actually using a training method called clicker training which utilizes operant conditioning to achieve results.

    Clicker training has a lot in common with training methods used to teach marine mammals such as dolphins and whales. Operant conditioning has been around for many decades, and has been picked
    up by many fields.

    Clicker training is different from classical conditioning of animals, because it focuses on getting the animal to perform the desired actions naturally, through methods such as targeting.

    The clicker itself (the device used by trainers) represents just one component of the entire teaching process; it is the not the center of the approach, as you will also be using verbal signals (words), and nonverbal signals (hand gestures).

    Research shows that animals are generally more responsive to clicker training than they are to other methods, because no other training methodology utilizes rewards as effectively as clicker training. Again, rewards are just one part of the training process - each component plays an equally vital role in teaching a dog/cat/horse good behavior.

    Clicker training can be used to teach not only dogs, but also cats, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, and so on. If you have a few minutes a day to teach your pet, clicker training is an amazing choice for you as a pet owner. Thousands of pet owners can attest to the fact that clicker training works extremely well with family pets.

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