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Hello, I've been a lurker for a couple of weeks now, I thought I'd pop my head in and make a post for the first time. Anyways, I was trying to think of some good easy tricks to teach my dog ruby, so I was wondering... what has your dog mastered? do well? do okay? working on? and tricks you want to learn? Ruby and I have quite a nice start I think, but a long way to go on the fundamentals. Here's my list... thus far:

About my dog:
3.5 months old (we've had her for 1 month so far)
Mutt (lab, whippet, border collie, boxer, blue heeler and coonhound!)

Mastered (will do it everytime, anywhere, any distractions, lureless)-

Does Well (will do it most times, most anywhere, may be distracted, lureless)-
  • Sit
  • Lie Down
  • No/Utt

Does Okay (will do most times, but not when distracted, lureless but exaggerated hand signals, may not do it on first try)
  • Come (high priority to move up to at least 'well')
  • Rollover
  • High Five
  • Touch (her nose to my hand)
  • Shake
  • Spin (to the right)
  • Fetch
  • Drop it
  • Stay
  • Crawl
  • Get Down
  • Leave it
Working on (Still needs lures/practice)
  • (Are you) Shy
  • Bow
  • Twist (left spin)
  • Catch (Frisbee)
  • Go potty
  • Jump

What we'd like to learn in the near future
  • Smile
  • Beg
  • Hop
  • High Step/March
  • Heel
Wow, looking at that list it looks like I may be pushing her a bit hard, but she seems to be taking it all in stride.


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It sounds like you're doing an excellent job with your puppy! A dog is never to young to learn something, but mastering it with distractions takes quite a while!
Here is Lance's list, he's a 17mo pembroke welsh corgi:

From your definition of any distractions, everytime, I have no idea. We have a lot of proofing to do still. The majority of things he knows in the next category could probabally go here, but I wouldn't be willing to bet my house on it.

Does Well:
Swing Finish
Around Finish
Touch (my hand and a target)
Loose Leash Walking
Leave It
Go to place (runs and lies down on mat)
Weaving through my legs (walking and figure 8)

Does Ok:
Pose (crosses his front paws)
Drop on recall
High Five
Spin (clockwise)
Turn (counterclockwise)
Go Outs (around a pole/cone and back to me)
Stand and spins on a bouncy ball

Working on:
Dig it
Away (the go out for utility obedience)
Formal dumbell retrieve
Broad Jump
2 on 2 off (for agility)
Weave Poles (channel method)
Back up
Get your leash

What we'd still like to learn:
Clean up (after he has a better retrieve)
Stack bowls
All the agility obstacles
Walking on my front feet (if his corgi legs are capable!)


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just wow, thats a lot of stuff for a dog thats not even 2 years old yet. I thought I was on a good pace, but it looks like I may be behind! :dogwink: Lance must be a very bright pup. Isn't it amazing how much they can learn? You never really realize it until you start to list it out. Congrats!


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Well, my most accomplished dog is Mudflap, my Border Collie. She is 4 now, and I adopted her at 3. The first things I worked on were severe food aggression and some minor dog aggression. I am currently working with my other two, a Rottie mix named Rusty and a difficult BC/ACD Zeke. Here's Mud's list, though.

Shake(bow paws)
Gimme five(from the sit)
Up high(five with both paws on hind legs)
Spin(left and right)
Weave(through my legs with me walking forwards, backwards, sideways, etc)
Back up
Beg/Sit up
Roll over
On my left
Switch(to my right)
Get up(on something)
Hut hut, hike! (Paws a football between her back legs with a front paw)
Touch(nose to my open palm)
Off-leash walk(stays in position, just without the eye contact required for competitive heel)
Leave it
Go inside(will go to my front or back door, whichever directed, from as far anywhere--6 feet from the door or 3 miles from the door)
Bang!(rolls onto back)
Jump(over my legs)
Get in the truck

Does okay:
Get my keys
Say your prayers
Bring me a Kleenex
Figure-eight(around my legs)
Jump(through hoops, through my arms)
Over(agility jumps)
Say your prayers(front paws on chair/couch)
Pray a little harder(Say your prayers + bow head)

Working on:
Prey drive control
Commands at longer distances
Left legs up

Want to learn:
Stick 'em up
Pack your bags(crawl in a suitcase)
More toys by name
Touching certain objects
What does a bear say? (Growl)
What does a wolf say? (Howl)
Lead my horses
Lead other dogs
Go to--
Backwards weave and figure-eight
Walking on hind legs

There's lots more "want-to's," but that's all I'll put for now. ^^ I think that's all the ones she knows...not sure. I've backed off of training new things and put more emphasis on strengthening what she has already. Been adding distractions and that kind of thing.


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So, here we go:
Come here
Head down when lying on ground
Hide Under Bed
Give Paw (both paws)
Roll OverPlay Dead
Slalom at my legst
Figure Eight
Figure Eight backwards
Around me
Around an object
Put paws on my legs
Jumjp on my back
Jump in my Arms
Jump in my lap
jump through a ring formed by my hands
jump through a ring formed by my legs
Jump over my arm
Jump over my leg
Go forward
Go backwards
Sit Up (Beg?)
Go around, with front paws in a box/bowl
Put back legs in my lap/on my knee
Shake a pillow
Close drawer
Touch a stick
Touch my hand
Bow, with head on the floor
Go between my legs
"cop-cop" (her paws are on my legs, and we walk)
"cop-cop" backwards
"cop-cop" sideways
Heelwork sideways
Slaom at my legs backwards
Go around me backwards (both directions)
Dig (not real dig, just scratching the floor)
Paws on my arm, looking at me
Paws on my arm, hiding face
Touch target (a frizbee she won't catch)
Spin both ways
Walking on Hind legs
Walking on hind legs backward away from me
Walking on hind legs backwads towards me
Standing on hind legs-> get into beg position -> stand on hind legs again
Lift one front leg while standing (does with both front legs)

Working on:
agility obstructions
some combinations /won't describe:)/
walking with hind feet up in the air
Touch Paw
Touch Hip
tricks with sticks/brooms etc... to get her not to be afraid of these things
running contacts (not really a trick, I know)
Bow on my back
Lift one back paw (it's even harder to teach than to teach a handstand!! :))

Want to learn:
ooo thousands... as many as I can think of! :LOL:

And I guess I missed a lot... :LOL: :LOL: :dogbiggrin::dogbiggrin::dogbiggrin: