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Discussion in 'Dog Behavior Problems' started by dbeards, Sep 5, 2012.

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    Hello everyone. Long time reader of threads, first time posting.

    My family and I have an 8 month old westie puppy named Bailey and he LOVES to chew. I can understand that he is still a puppy and he has that urge to just chew chew chew. But he has destroyed his toys (both rubber and plush), has put holes in our sofa and pillows, and has been eating what is inside them, the rubber of his toys, etc.

    Today he was refusing to eat anything and he ended up getting very sick and throwing up a few times. We are very concerned because we feel like he is just going to end up killing himself at this point if he keeps it up. We watch him constantly and make sure that he is being a good boy. And we try to scold him when we catch him in the act. But we are really just concerned for him and his health.

    Any thoughts or advice would be wonderful. Please help. I love this little guy too much to see him get sick again. T_T
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  3. sara Moderator

    Ha ha Westies and chewing.... Ask my sister about that one! LOL Annabelle was bad when she was little!

    Instead of putting his food in a bowl, buy 3 or 4 kongs, plug the bottom with peanut butter, fill the kong with his food, add a liquid of some sort (plain yogurt, fruit juice, salt free meat broth, tuna/sardine juice, etc.) plug the top with cheese, more peanut butter, meat, canned food, etc. Freeze them all overnight in the freezer. Give him the kongs throughout the day (when you crate him, if you do, when you cant watch him, when he seems extra busy, etc.) this will help him with his urge to chew and work his brain, help tire him out.

    Other than that, stop giving him freedom. Crate him or keep him leashed to you, make sure he gets plenty of exercise (Westies are NOT typical small dogs, they are Terriers and as such, need more exercise than the average Shih Tsu!) And trick training, will always help tire out an overactive puppy!!!

    Hope this helps!
  4. Amateur Experienced Member

    Please make sure he isnt ingesting any of that ... that could lead to a blockage.

    Have you tried Deer antler ... maybe your baby hasnt found something to satisfy his neeed to chew - antlers are great.
    and yes if you prevent them access to things to chew they may not develop that behaviour more .. prevention is easier than the cure.

    good luck
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  5. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome! Glad you finally decided to jump in and post. Most of us don't bite.

    I'm very concerned that he's torn up/eaten so much and is now vomiting and refusing food. How is he now? If he's not toally acting like his old self, I'd be worried about a blockage and have him checked by a vet. A friend's GS recently ate part of a tennis ball (unbeknownst to her) and ended up having surgery. Please don't put off having your boy checked by a vet unless he's totally back to his old self. Please don't allow him to pay for his fun with his life.

    You've been give great advice above. Restrict his areas of freedom when you're not there to supervise him. Altho little squeaky and plush toys are cute, he's proven he's a 'power chewer' for his size. Only buy him appropriate toys - check out Kong and similar toys for power chewers, again it's not worth his life to get him cutsie toys. Stuffing and filling Kongs is fabulous - be sure you get the strongest kongs (the black ones) - he can not only work at getting out the frozen goodies, but then chew the kong when he's finished. Things like Antlers are great. You can also get different kinds of food puzzles and feed in things like that, let him work for his kibble out of a puzzle, it all helps with mental stimulation. And it's certainly not mean to 'make dogs work for their meals out of a puzzle' as some think -- the dogs seem to love it.

    How much exercise is he getting? Altho cute and white, Westies are sturdy little dogs who are meant to be out there in the fray, not laying quietly inside on a pillow (as your boy has proven!). Is he getting lots of playtime and walks? And training time? Just wondering. All will help with his "demolition issues". :oops: And yes .. part of it is .. he's a puppy, and thankfully, he'll grow up. :rolleyes::LOL:

    Please post an update as to how he's doing - I'm worried about him.
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  6. Dogster Honored Member

    Fantastic advice!!!!(y) I would highly recommend a deer antler, they're fantastic for strong chewers, and 100% natural, and don't make your dog fat.:) Kongs are GREAT, especially to stuff meals in!! Like jackienmutts said, you can try a puzzle toy, some are easier than others, so make sure to get one that will take your dog some time to figure out. They get better at them with time.(y) I also recommend seeing a vet, since your dog hasn't been eating.
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  7. 648117 Honored Member

    I completely understand what it's like to have a little chew monster. Holly is a power-chewer, thankfully she mainly (but not always) stuck to her own toys.

    I agree that deer antlers are great.

    Holly has eaten about 2/3 of hers in about 4 months so they last a long time (she's getting a new one for her birthday). It took Holly about a week before she really went for it so your dog might be the same but if you wait it is a chew that they do go back to.

    Also, don't get the small red kong even though your dog is probably in the weight range for it, go up a size and get a black one. That's what I had to do after Holly broke her first small red kong within two days :rolleyes: .

    You could also go to the petshop and ask for their strongest chew toy, I did this and they recomended a plastic one, it's shaped like a bone with white plastic at the ends (beef flavoured) and green rubbery plastic in the middle (mint flavoured). I can't remember the brand but it has lasted really well, only the plastic ends have been roughened but no large chunks of plastic have come off (bought it at the same time as the antler). Just make sure you tell them your dog is small or they might take you over to the massive chew toys that wont even fit in your dogs mouth :cautious:

    The only soft toys Holly has now are stuffing-less ones. She still rips the squeekers out of them but there is no stuffing for her to eat so she just rips up the material (still not ideal, but better than having stuffing everywhere/eaten).

    I also agree that giving your dog exercise is important. And I think it helps if the walk is at the same time everyday so that the dog knows when to expect exercise and will relax more the rest of the time because it knows it is not walk time.

    I think this helped with Holly, so now she sleeps and chews in the morning and isn't so active because she knows she isn't going to go for a walk or be actively played with in the morning, but then in the afternoon she is way more active because she knows thats when I'll play with her and do some training and then go for a walk. And then in the evening it's training and eadible chew/relax time.

    Hope that helps :)
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  8. Amateur Experienced Member

    I believe you are talking about Nylabone products. We have many of those as well
    There are several different styles to chose from ... my guys liked the one with the orange spiral centre and the blue ball like centre ones. Try several different ones ... try them all !

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  9. 648117 Honored Member

    Yes, I should have guessed that it was nylabone. It's the durabone double action chew that we have. The ends are pretty worn but Holly hasn't chewed the centre. She got it at the same time as the antler and switches between the two, one or both get a chew everyday. I might actually have to raplace it soon as well as the antler (neither where cheap but have lasted pretty well).

    Holly also had the pink wishbone when she was little, she did chew it (only two of the ends, never the third :LOL: ) but didn't love it as much as the antler and double action chew.

    Also, that link has a way bigger selection of chews than are available here, I haven't seen at least half of them (most of the more interesting ones :cautious: )
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