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Discussion in 'Find Training Partners' started by velvet24, May 29, 2012.

  1. velvet24 New Member

    Is there anyone in this area interested in a dog partner. Westfield, Granville, Southwick, Berkshires, MA or Colebrook, Winsted Ct area.
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  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member


    Are you looking for someone to help train your dog,
    or offering dog training services,
    or maybe both?

    i love that part of america, btw, so lovely.
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  3. rouen Experienced Member

    Hey neighbor!
    If you're looking for a trainer Leea Foran at Foranimals LLC is a good option, she's in Lee Ma. I have heard good things It's Pawsible in Westhampton Ma.
    If you're looking for a partner PM me and maybe we can get together.
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  4. velvet24 New Member

    I started dog obedience two weeks ago in southwick with Leslie Pirini. It is working out well so far. She is looking to start a group for triebball in this area. Anyone interested? My puppy is herding plastic gallon jugs so I think he will learn to push the balls. We spent the day at an assisted living center and it took me a long time to get up the elevator because every time the door opened someone came out who had to pet or play with Gabriel. 5 elevator trips and finally the 6 one was empty so I got to leave. I was sitting outside and someone came over and started barking and howling at my dog and he just loved it. A nurse told me that he was already a therapy dog.

    Thank all of you for the welcome.
  5. rouen Experienced Member

  6. velvet24 New Member

    Very interesting observations Rouen. I know that I left the first class very discouraged and confused. One of our homework assignments was to repeat 10 times a day, 10 times each session with calling the dog to come and giving treats. Thats 100 times a day. I feel that I am lucky because my dog is so smart and learns easy but I feel inadequate.

    The trainer says that some prong collars are more human than others because they give a little pinch instead of choking. She gave my gentle boy a collar that has a choke ring on it. I don't use it.) I have been out of dog training for over 20 years and things seems to have changed a lot. I do question her total distaste for harnesses?
  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //One of our homework assignments was to repeat 10 times a day, 10 times each session with calling the dog to come and giving treats. Thats 100 times a day. //

    that sounds awfully dull to me, both for the dog, and for the owner, imo. My dog would probably zone out after so many repetitions, and thus, mess up his otherwise amazing recall...but, this *might* work for some dogs, but, i think this would mess up my dog, who happens to have very little tolerance for boredom.

    to me, the number one factor i think is MOST important in dog training,
    is it fun?
    is it fun both for the human, and for the dog?

    to me personally, THAT is my #1 criteria to keep in in first place focus in training,is-- is it FUN?

    I feel bad that this lesson or class or teacher made you feel inadequate. I'd bet you are a most talented trainer, and i also truly believe, with all my heart, that almost any human, and probably every dog, can both learn AND enjoy training. I hope, whatever your own particular goal is for training this dog, or, for finding like-minded dog trainers to work with,
    that you do persist, and find just what you are looking for!!!:D
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  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    and yes, Velvet, i support your inner feeling that the choke collar your teacher gave you, indicates this trainer is probably not on the same page you are. It's not a good sign if a trainer thinks the best, first "go-to" solution in training a dog is force, pain, intimidation, discomfort, etc.
    not a good sign at all.
    I kind of shudder to imagine, if this trainer is presented with a dog with actual behavioral issues...

    i guess, like every other dog owner, you have to ask yourself, what kind of relationship do i want my dog to have with me??
    One based on trust and fun,
    or one based upon fear, pain, force, etc.

    I don't even think that latter choice works, imo.
    bummer if you decide you do not want to continue in that class, cuz i bet you were excited to find a group of dog owners interested in training, etc, and i hope you find what you are looking for.
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  9. velvet24 New Member

    ------One based on trust and fun,---------
    Thats it, That is what is missing. Nobody in class seems to be having fun. I have trained over a dozen dogs many years ago and now that I think back _ It was Fun. This class is not.
    Thank you.
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  10. rouen Experienced Member

    Well Velvet, my offer to train with you still stands. I'm in southern Berkshire County, about 30 mins from Southwick. I probly wont bring a dog for a while if you take me up, cause Dasy's still down from Lyme and Dingo's not a friendly boy. Doesn't mean we can't meet up though. I am on FB too.
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  11. velvet24 New Member

    Rouen, I really don't want to go to class tomorrow. That is not a good sign. Email me at
  12. rouen Experienced Member

    I sent you an email.
  13. yellerlab Member

    Hi, I lived in your area for 15 years in Simsbury, CT. I can say with confidence that the ONLY P+ training center in CT is Tails U Win in Manchester, CT. Leslie Nelson runs a very well known place, offers seminars, and everything else you could want. You will learn from the best. Clicker and reward based training. It took me 4o minutes to drive there from Simsbury so it will take you a little longer. ITS WORTH IT! E-mail me with questions.
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