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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by MaryK, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. MaryK Honored Member

    Hi everyone, Leaf and Zeus here! I'm the spokeperson as Zeus is at present snoring his head off in what remains of his bed. Yes, we've been away a while but we're back now and very, very happy too. Missed everyone so very much and wondered about all the new doggies who have joined too.

    We've had major computer problems, which are now hopefully all fixed, oh boy it's been tough but we kept Mom's spirits up by behaving like angels. O.K. maybe at times the Littlest Angel on my part, cuz well, it's hotter than hades here, and even I don't want to play outside. So, to amuse myself, I've partial chewed Zeus' big basket bed, wrecked the Microphone/head phones - Daddy really should learn to put things away, he never learns, cuz I also chewed the end off the cell phone recharger which he left laying on the floor - honestly he asks for trouble!

    And, would you believe this - I'm BANNED from the bedroom unless Mom's in there with me. Why you may ask? Simple, I tried to ease the agony of this infernal heat by very neatly opening the corner of a pillow and creating a Winter Wonder Land for Mom. Tip to all dogs - feathers create an even better effect of snow than cushion inserts cuz they float all around the room, even reaching the light fittings! Mom just shook her head and kept repeating "Oh Leafy, Leafy" - I think that means she was pleased- so why ban me?? Please I do need help so any suggestions as to why I've been banned would be appreciated.

    But I can't be too badly in the dog house cuz Mom went on this wonderful Gondola trip and guess what??? She asked the lovely man who owns the company if he took dogs cuz she wants to take Zeus and myself for the ride. As she said, it all adds to our experiences in life and helps us to become well adjusted seasoned travelers, especially moi cuz I haven't traveled like Zeus. Seems he said yes, but has to work out how to moor his Gondola in a safe spot on the bank, as we would not be allowed to walk through the restaurant (some stupid law here about dogs not being allowed in a restaurant and moi with perfect table manners too HUMBUG) where he usually moors the Gondola. So once the weather has cooled down, we're all going to go on a Gondola ride. Hope I don't suffer from Mal De Mere, Mom says its smooth and calm on the river. No chance of me jumping overboard as I HATE water!!!! Mom's not sure about the Champers, says she may forgo that cuz both Zeus and I are strict teetotollers (how DO you spell that word) but she'll organize a picnic basket full of treats. Can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last year I passed my Silver Level with flying colors, but boo hoo they didn't issue any Certificates, disappointed over that, cuz Mom frames all my Certificates cuz she's just so proud of me. And, cuz the weather is so bad, I'm not starting back at school until the second term. They cancel if it's too hot, and for high winds (the first night was cancelled cuz of those), along with Public Holidays, so as Mom said, with no make up nights, not many nights left for actual training. But when I do start back, I'm going into the Dancing For Dogs class, which should be grand fun. I miss all my chums at Doggy School, which is why Mom thinks I occasionally misbehave!

    We did go to the beach one night. Zeus took a short toddle then went back to the car (his legs you know, not up to long walks now) but Mom took me up and down the beach and let me have a very long lead run. I behaved so well, even when other dogs raced up to me, I behaved like the well educated young lady I am. Didn't bark or cause any problems and sat like an angel when the other dogs ignored their humans and refused to walk on and behave. Next time Mom says she may allow me off leash, we will see, it's too hot to go to the beach at present, even at night as we went last time.

    I haven't been wasting my time though, added a whole load of new tricks to my list and one day, when it's better weather, Mom is going to make that long over due video of all my tricks.

    Anyway, that's all the news for now, great to be back and we'll be spending some time catching up on all the new posts.
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  2. Gordykins Experienced Member

    Mary!! Leaf!!! Zeus!! :D :D :D :D

    Missed you tons! It sounds like your family has been having a great time! Gordy is jealous that you've had beach time since it is snowing here, and the beach is his all time favorite place to be. Breelan is undecided about which torture... beach, or snow and ice.... is worse, so she is just happy that since we're all freezing, we are all spending lots of time snuggled up in cozy blankets. That is her all time favorite place to be :)

    So glad that you all are back!
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Oh thank you it's so good to be back:D:D:D:D LOL Leaf and Zeus said come on over Gordy, the Beach here is terrific after dark when it's cool enough to walk on and we'd love to have you visit, provided Leaf added you don't shake water all over me - messes up my hair and um I don't like water!

    LOL Breelan is a bit like Leaf, which torture is worse, water of course is to be avoided at all costs, but she hasn't seen snow yet somehow I feel she'll take an instant dislike to it when she sees it, it is after all wet! She'll join you all for the snuggles time, now that's something to girl loves!
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Piper who isn't to fond of water(working on getting her to love it) She was in love with the snow, which was suprising because I have to beg her to get off the porch to go potty when it's wet outside.
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    What method(s) are you using to get Piper to like water? I've tried quite a few with Leaf but so far no luck, except for the Dunking for Dog Biscuits (like dunking for apples) at the break up Fun Night. Her little nose went right in both buckets, large and small, and she got the biscuits first pop. Though have to say she didn't seem to get even her nose wet!:rolleyes:

    Zeus too liked snow but hates water, he's like Piper, I have to 'encourage' him to go outside to potty when it's raining and then he goes just to the end of the verandah and scurries back inside. Leaf's as bad! Dogs sure can be funny at times, though I guess snow has a different 'feel' to it - maybe that's why Piper and Zeus love snow but hate water???O_o
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  6. southerngirl Honored Member

    1.) got into the water. called her name and splashed around trying to make the water look really exiting and fun. Only got her to get her feet in and couldn't get her deeper.
    2.) I picked her up and put her in the water where she couldn't touch hoping she would go "hey this is fun" but she swam right out
    3. Missy got in and with some encouraging she got in.
    4.) I have a hot tube at home and I would throw her ball in it and the only way she could get it was to jump in. So she jump in. She jumped onto the seat so that her chest was barley in the water so I moved the ball further away. and she got in where she couldn't touch grabbed the ball and got out.
    I sadly didn't get to work any more with her and the water, because the summer consisted of rain, rain and more rain. So me and my fam. didn't get another chance to take her to a place with water to swim. I feel that with a toy and a lot of encouraging she will get in. It worked for Missy. Missy now loves puddles and swimming and doesn't mind the rain. Oh something I was going to do, but never got a chance was fill up a kiddie pool with water and get her in that.
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Thanks Danielle. I think I'll have to use the kiddies paddling pool. No where here to swim, except the beach and (a) way too hot for the beach and (b) I don't swim in the sea here as there are too many sharks and other nasties.

    Zeus won't help, never managed to get him to like water.

    I'll use the toys though and also in a kiddies pool hard dog biscuits, she's so food orientated.

    Your summer has been all rain, I'm longing for rain and cool weather, it's been constant blistering heat here, over 40C every day and that's shade temperature.
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  8. southerngirl Honored Member

    We'll know it's 28F and sleeting outside. I can't wait for spring and summer.
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  9. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Welcome back Mary and Leaf and Zeus! The forum has been very quiet since you've been gone, maybe you can get it up and going again!! :) We all missed you, I especially missed Leaf's stories! :p
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  10. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Oh, and I am also be dying for some warmth! It's usually in the negatives here, and there's a few feet of snow on the ground. Not fun!
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL your rain has arrived here! It's teeming, still very hot and humid though, but flooded everywhere and Madam Leaf - ummm I now have to physically pick her up to go outside to potty she's THAT allergic to water/rain! If I tried to coxes her out I'd be at the door all night, she's stubborn, not even food will work when it means getting wet all over!!!!!!!:eek::rolleyes:

    We've had to cancel/postpone her Birthday Party though as it's way to wet boo hoo:cry: Had a charming little boy lined up for a play date too, and it's St. Valentine's Day. Oh well, guess she won't mind it being celebrated a bit later ----- in the dry!!!!!!!!
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you. Leaf's missed writing her stories too, she just loves to write.

    I noticed it's been quiet, probably though the holidays etc.
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    We're thinking the same thing. Also some of the members would be starting higher levels at school, and that normally means more homework, less time for them to have fun:(

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