Welsh Corgi Pembroke anyone?

Discussion in 'Dog Breeds' started by jeep, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. jeep New Member

    Has anyone here has a Welsh Corgi Pembroke?

    Because I was wandering if this is a international thing I'm experiencing. This is it: if I'm walking him in the city or somewhere busy with people I get this comment A LOT. Oh my god it looks just like a fox, is it a fox?

    So am I the only one getting this comment or are Dutch people so retarded.

  2. fickla Experienced Member

    Yup I have a pembroke :) I also get that comment a lot, but less so since Lance is a tri colored corgi. I also get asked "is it a mini german shepherd?"
  3. jeep New Member


    I've never heard that one before, but it's good! People keep amazing me.

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