weeing in his bed


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I have a friend whose husky dog has lately taken to weeing and on the odd occaison pooing in his bed. He never used to do this. He does have diabetes, and is getting old. We both thought it was a case of incontinence at first due to being oldish, but he never smells like he has been sleeping in dog wee, there are no stains on his coat etc. You can't mistake the smell of dog wee on a dog.

He shares a kennel run with another dog (female, spayed), there are plenty of beds to sleep on, kelly the female dog has her own nest bed which she adores and is not interested in Bandits (husky) bed, and he finds her bed too warm to snuggle into and leaves her bed alone. He has never messed in this bed.

He never has a mistake during the day when inside, and does ask to go out to the toilet if he is inside. The owners have made sure that he has last wees etc about 10pm at night before both dogs are shut in their kennel house. I have suggested making this later if possible. We did wonder if it was a case of not being able to hold on for any length of time due to being older. He doesn't wee on any other bed, the bedding has been washed (duvet, blankets etc) but due to ammonia sticking around new bedding was bought, which he wee'd on.

The reason for several beds is really for him because he does have arthritis in his hips, and my friend doesn't like him sleeping on the concrete floor, so he has a choice of where to sleep. Yes, he does (when hot) sleep on the concrete floor. The bed he wee's in is one of those hammock like beds on a frame so that air can circulate, which has blankets, duvet on. He also has a number of thick blankets on the floor as well which he never messes in.

His diabetes is under control, overall he is generally healthy, good dispostion, enjoys a romp with kelly and has a good life.

We and I were wondering if anyone else has had something similar occur, or if there is anything we could try to help discourage this happening.


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I do have a couple thoughts. You didn't say how old your friend's dog is, only that's he's old, has arthritis, and diabetes - three big issues. My first thought is that it is very possible that he just can't make it all night anymore, and yes, is becoming incontinent, and maybe is even going while he's sleeping, or just leaking, waking up, and moving to a dry bed. I also wonder if he's waking up in that one hammock style bed and just can't get up due to his arthritis, finally goes, then struggles up and moves. Last thought - could he have a kidney or bladder infection going on? Diabetes and kidney/urinary tract issues often go hand in hand - your friend may want to discuss this with the vet and have her boy checked out just to be sure he's ok.

When our dogs get old, they're like us as people - sometimes they just can't go all night anymore and need to potty during the night (just like us). If he's healthy (meaning no infection), he may be sleeping too soundly to wake up in time, and just waking up too late (poor guy). In that case, just keep doing laundry - he may be doing the best he can.


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hi thanks for the reply. Bandit is about 8, the diabetes ages him more then normal ageing. He was overweight, but my friend has worked extremely hard to bring his weight down to what he should be and control it. I did suggest that it may be a case of weeing when he was asleep and not being aware of it. I never thought that the bed itself may cause a problem with him getting up and out, will suggest that. He goes to the vet regularly to keep an eye on his diabetes to have various blood tests etc, so i would have thought it there was something wrong with kidneys that it would show up as an abnormality that would need further checking.

My friend is not angry with him for this occuring, it is just a nuisance. If it is a behavioural problem that can be fixed she'd like to do so, if it is a case of ageing and weakening in the bladder etc then she is quite happy to keep doing the laundry etc and keep him as comfortable as possible.


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Great advice Jackie, nothing to add except...
I just want to hug Bandit reading this. :dogblush: Poor sweet boy. Aging sucks...for everyone.