Volunteers Needed For Help!

Sammie Dunn

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Hi to everyone,

Hope the weather is as nice for you all as it is here in Sunny Scotland!
Just wanted to ask everyone for a little help. I am starting my own business as a Dog Trainer/Sitter/Walker and I am in the middle of preparing business cards, a website, a facebook page and so on. I was wondering if anyone wanted a dog feature on the website. This would be able to be viewed by everyone in the world.

It can either be a small blog about dog training, about your breed of dog, a dog picture gallery or even a video of your dog doing 1 trick to do as a demonstration video on training pages.

I will be charging for my services as a dog trainer/walker/sitter but need brilliant pictures and videos to have to look more professional instead of a blank canvas and only pictures of my old dogs and Coco. So if anyone would like their dog to be featured please email me on [email protected]
We can chat on there about what you would like your dog on the site doing and discuss it. Please get in touch!

Thanks all :)

Isi Havanese

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OMG GOOD LUCK! how wonderful for you. Someday I may breed my Havanese but hey why don't you try internet searching for pups for sale and contact them with this and see if they want to advertise or submit pics may be with their website link in the pic or something?Hope this helps. Good for u follow your dreams!:D(y)

Sammie Dunn

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I'm not looking to buy another puppy. I am ok with the one I have but I am starting a training, walking and sitting business so need some photos and videos of other people's dogs to have a wide range of photos.


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:love:gorgeous pics of your babe, Hayley :love:
I ve got a couple of cute pics which I will e-mail to you (they are not on photobucket yet,but I can send them from my phone:confused:) I dont normally take pics on a proper camera,just on mobile phones,but these two are from a proper camera (hope that makes sense:))
Though it may be a better idea for you to have pics of dogs you have trained,if you are only just starting up your own business,people will understand that you may not have tons of pics to begin with (y):)


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Is your website online? Just curious;) I am a dogwalker too. Started in 2008 and I must say it's the best job ever!!!
It is a bit of a hobby gotten out of hand:D and I can't make a living of it. Over the last year it has taken off a bit, getting more clients, but I want to stay small. I never walk more than 5 dogs at a time. I only walk dogs, do a bit of basic training with them to establish a bond, because they walk off lead most of the time.
I think running_dog has good advice. Asking around in your area get's you free advertising.
I still have to adjust my website, need to make a good fotopage. Now I post all the pics I make on a picasapage, where the owners of the dogs can see what theirs dogs have been up to.
I don't know if I'm allowed to post the link to my site, but if you want to take a look, I'll send you the link. But it is in Dutch though.