Veronica's Trick And Cue List

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by JazzyandVeronica, May 27, 2012.

  1. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    We are new to this - actively trick training - so last night I decided to actually write out a list of what we know.

    I knew it wouldn't be anywhere near as extensive as what you guys have compiled; and I was happy to realize that we have done more than I thought!:D

    So here we go:
    1. sit
    2. down
    3. stay (can use more work w/ distractions and duration)
    4. stop
    5. wait
    6. heel (we have done obed & rally; but it needs more work)
    7. stand
    8. loose leash walking
    9. off
    10. drop it
    11. leave it
    12.tinkle potty & poopy potty (weird dog tries to come in without going)
    13. go to Grammy's
    14. watch me
    15. by me (stay close; walking through crowds/intersections)
    16. front
    17. around (go around me & heel)
    18. go upstairs
    19. open (your mouth so I can brush your teeth)

    20. spin (to left)
    21. twirl (to right) - still working on
    22. bang,bang; play dead - from standing to lying on side.
    23. take a bow
    24. shake
    25. put toys away
    26. open cupboard, get toy/bag, bring it to me & close cupboard
    27. open cupboard, take toy/bag frm me and put it back, close cupboard
    28. back up
    29. speak
    30. rollover - will only do it outside :confused:
    31. crawl - needs more work
    32. perchwork/elephant trick
    33. go out - @ 10 feet or so and lie down on target/change positions (sit/stand) on command on target
    34. body part targeting (nose, bridge, top of head, R&L ears, paws, shoulders, hips, chin, chest) target to my hand and to some extension/stationary targets - always working on.
    35. sit pretty/beg - still working on
    36. say your prayers - still working on
    37. go to your place/mat
    39. kiss (my favorite :love:) - put your mouth on mine w/ a lick or a soft bump/touch
    40. agility - we did for @ 5 years so she knows all the equipment and commands. We had to stop when she hurt her CCl and she also at the same time developed some fear of the teeter & dog walk.

    That's it for now; but you guys have lots of cool ideas and we plan to stick around and keep learning!!!!

  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Great Tick list(y) especially for being new to it.
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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    Wow, that is a GREAT list!!!!:D Very impressive!!!!
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Jazzy, this is wonderful list!!! KUDOS!!! I had misunderstood you earlier, i think i did not realize you ARE this advanced!! This is GREAT STUFF!!
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  5. Dlilly Honored Member

    Those are some great tricsk! :)
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  6. Anneke Honored Member

    That's a great list!!
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  7. sara Moderator

    Huh, I totally think I need to hide my head in shame :) Great list!!!
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  8. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    great trick list!
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  9. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Thanks guys;

    I feel like I should add that V. is a weird dog :p

    If something sets her off and she gets scared whe won't do anything for awhile. (Like this morning; she did a nice sit pretty to just the verbal command; and fell back a bit because she's uncoordinated...and that was it.)

    And also she's stubborn; when she'snot "in a mood"; no matter what she knows or how well she can do it, and no matter how many times she's done it flawlessly even without treats; if she's not "in the mood" I get the doggy version of "the finger". Even if I have really good treats...she'll still tell me to take a hike.
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  10. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

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  11. Evie Experienced Member

    rofl @ veronica only rolling over outside :LOL::ROFLMAO::rolleyes: She's such a character
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  12. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Apparantly the ground is more "giving" unlike the hard floor (even if covered by carpet) of the house...and you know what a delicate flower she is...:rolleyes:
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  13. Mutt Experienced Member

    :eek: What an awful owner you are that you do not understand that :rolleyes::ROFLMAO::D
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes really expecting Veronica to roll over on a hard floor!!!!!!!!!!!! Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:LOL::eek::p
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  15. sara Moderator

    That's as bad as me expecting Mouse TO roll over outside... "grass is prickly Mom":rolleyes:
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  16. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    I know, I know...she constantly reminds me how unreasonable I am!!! :rolleyes:
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  17. Caiti Experienced Member

    lol Wylie gives me a look if he has to roll over outside. :p

    Good job!
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