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    Hi there,

    Tx Cowgirl actually asked a question about pulling activities and that got me wondering about urban mushing. I have done a searches about it but haven't found out much about it. I would be interested in Urban Mushing by using a scooter. Has anyone out there done this? How much training is involved? Has anyone used the dog pulling system at dogpoweredscooter.com?

  2. heidib860 New Member

    Thanks for all the valuable information and the links. That'll give me alot of reading to do which is great. Thank you.

    Have you or anyone heard of or used the dog pulling devices. I guess they put the dog behind the steering wheel which keeps all the steering control to the rider?

    I am interested in the Diggler Scooters they are at the top of my list right now.

    Thanks TX I'll check out that post with the links in it.
  3. snooks Experienced Member

    I think most of the scooters have available 1 and 2 dog puling frames that are attachable to scooters. They take the unpredicable 90 degree turns out of the picture. Be very careful which one you buy and how you ride with it. You don't want to put your weight on the dogs joints by leaning on him for balance.

    This vid had dogs with both gangline and frame


    You can buy them separately and there are some that attach to digglers or any other scooter

    More info http://www.urbanmushing.com/productreviews.htm

    I'm not advocating Diggler for any other reason than I researched it for over a month before spending that much cash. They are pricey but seemingly very worth it. I got the DSK and LOVE it.

    I noticed on digglers updated site that they now sell harnesses. There were several questions about those on previous posts. They look like a hybrid harness that would be hard to back out of as the xback is.

    I also saw a better option to the pool noodle or brushbow on urban mushing that looks nice and prevents wheel line tangles.

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