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    Sorry I've been inactive for so long, I'm hoping to be able to be more active now. I'm working on catching up with what I missed, I figured I would give you an update about what's happened since I've been gone.

    Momo is doing great, I didn't think he really knew anything other than the basics when I got him, turns out he knows a lot more than I thought he did, he already knows how to do many of the agility obstacles and most of what he has to know for obedience and rally. So that was a pleasant surprise! The only issue is that he is VERY noise sensitive. At home, the only noises that scare him are thunder and fireworks (those scare him a LOT), but when we go other places, especially training facilities and trials, even the smallest of noises will terrify him. Someone dropping a pen will send him out the door. He was even scared by an empty milkbone box falling two feet onto the ground the other day at class. It makes it really difficult to do what I want to do with him, and I hate dragging him to class and trials and stuff when he spends the whole time terrified, I want him to be having fun, so any advice on that would be great. But besides that, he's a great fit. He's super smart, high drive, lots of energy, super sweet, loves everyone, and him and Chloe get along decently well. Mo is also doing fantastic in herding, I think I'm going to get Chloe her HT, and then I'll retire from herding with her, and focus on Mo. I've gotten a lot of great experience with Chloe, but I've been training with Mo for a month and he's basically at the level where Chloe is, and I've been training with Chloe for 2 years. I'll of course keep doing everything else with Chloe though. I'm also super excited because my herding mentor is going to let me start training with and trialing one of her dogs, who is amazingly well trained, that way I can get more experience and trial in higher levels.

    I've been trying to do more stuff just me and Chloe, since she is kinda jealous of Mo. So Chloe and I tried kayaking the other day, and she took to it immediately. It was so much fun. I've been a few more times with her since, and she just loves it. Here's some pictures. (Sorry if they're upsidedown, DTA likes to flip my photos for some reason.)

    We've also been to a few trials. We had a AKC agility trial, where Chloe got 2nd place in novice STD! Super proud of her, we used to have such a hard time competing in agility because she would always run off, so I'm glad we finally overcame that. We had a 4H trial where I entered both Chloe and Mo, and they both did great (except there was construction nearby, so Mo was kinda terrified, but as long as I spent a while calming him down before I went in the ring he did okay). Momo got 2nd place in beginner agility, and 2nd place in novice rally. Chloe got 1st place in intermediate agility, 2nd place in beginner novice obedience, and 4th place in showmanship. We placed in everything we entered, so I was pretty happy with that. :D We also entered an AKC obedience/rally trial, where Chloe got 2nd place in beginner novice obedience, and 3rd place in novice rally. Mo got 1st place in beginner novice obedience and 2nd place in novice rally. I had both dogs entered in both classes, so it was a little bit hectic. :p Here's some pictures of them with their winnings. :)

    Anyway, I've missed being here, I've just been having a lot of family stuff going on and my focus has been elsewhere. Hopefully I'll be able to start being active again!
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    Wow you sound busy. I'm glad you found time to update on Mo and Chloe, it sounds like they are both having a great time and doing great at obedience. And don't worry to much about Mo being scared. I'm sure if you continue working at it he'll soon come to enjoy it more and more.
    Congrats to you all for your second places(y)
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    Thanks Danielle! :) It's just frustrating with his noise sensitivity, and it almost seems like its getting worse...
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    Congratulations !! (y)

    great pictures ! (y)
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    I almost forgot something that was super exciting. We have an annual dog walk as a part of our heritage festival in my town. Hundreds of people and dogs attend, there are tons of stations and games and events and all sorts of fun stuff. This year they were looking for entertainment, and the person that was planning on entertaining backed out, so they asked me and Chloe to entertain! :D We did a variety of tricks, but we also of course pulled out the paint sets. :) It was super fun, Chloe did great, and everyone loved it! Her painting was also auctioned off for charity! And, Chloe was in the newspaper! :D I am super proud of her, she's such a good girl. Here is a picture of her in the newspaper, and a clearer version of the picture that I got off of the website.
    image.jpg image.jpg
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